The Pros and Cons of Using a GPS Tracking Device

Yes, it is true that there are two sides to every technological development – the good side and the bad side. You can take any technological development in the past few decades or maybe even before, and you will easily be able to clearly list the pros and cons of that particular invention. One technological development that has more plusses than minuses is our employee tracking app.

Global Positioning System or GPS has come a very long way from when the United States Defense used it to spy on other nations and armies. It is now available in every other household as a GPS-enabled device. You don’t have to look very far for a GPS device; you have it in your hands – a GPS-enabled Smartphone. The technology has developed to such an extent that it is now become a very common aspect. An innovative tool that enables Employee tracking apps to submit not only text but also signatures, photos, and videos using Android Forms, both online and offline, is the Mobile Data Collection App by ConnectMyWorld. Using the new data gathering software connectmyworld, users may link with one another and gather information about their environment. As with any technological development, the question arises of how GPS tracking is of use to humankind. In this fear-ridden world, GPS tracking device has brought about a semblance of security. Parents now don’t have to fear about their child’s safety when they are not close to home.

A GPS-enabled device will allow parents and guardians to keep an eye on the child no matter where or how far the child is. These days, these tracking devices are also used in vehicles, which enable owners or school management track the vehicle’s movement across the city. GPS in vehicles also allows owners to immediately identify the location of the lost or stolen vehicle. This technology is used by the police and other law enforcement persons to solve a number of cases. GPS devices are also increasingly being used in businesses to track the productivity of their field force managers. These devices allow the supervisor in the head office to evaluate the efficiency and performance of employees working out of office, in the field. The same benefits can turn ugly if used for unfair means. Like for example, a stalker can use your GPS tracker to identify your exact location. Though GPS tracking devices help ensure the child’s safety, they also create a huge threat to the child’s privacy and independence. They will feel as if someone is constantly watching over them, and will not have the freedom to explore their individuality. Like every other technological development, we need to take GPS tracking too like a pinch of salt – just enough to ensure safety and not harm someone’s private life. There are a number of reasons why you might want to use a GPS tracking device. Some people have been victimized, and they need to keep track of their loved one’s whereabouts. Others have trouble with Alzheimer’s patients. There is also the issue of keeping an eye on teenagers who may be engaging in risky behavior that puts them in harm’s way. Parents often use GPS tracking to monitor their children’s locations, which can be a big help if they are worried about them or if they want to set rules and boundaries for them as far as where they should go alone and when. If you have a loved one who is suffering from memory loss, you might find it helpful to install a GPS tracking device in their car. Decreased Mobility – GPS tracking units can be used to increase independence by allowing people to travel wherever they want more easily since they don’t have to keep asking for directions, which is very frustrating and humiliating when it happens repeatedly.

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