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Managing a remote fleet can be challenging. Not just for the efficiency but the productivity and proper reporting, a management system for the fleet can be miraculous. Lystloc is a real-time, cloud-based field workforce management system that ensures timely processes and data. While Lystloc’s field management system is seamlessly automatic and trusted, Connect My World brings the most reliable and affordable Lystloc App Alternative that provides unique location-based features. Eliminate hardware for reporting and keep real-time track of your employees using 100% productive and efficient Employee tracking App Utilize the Lystloc App Alternative from Connect My World to experience enhanced workforce productivity, effective real-time route optimization, and location-integrated task management all in one application.

Criteria Connectmyworld Lystloc
Pricing plan / user / month ₹ 89 ₹ 249/month
Free Plan YES NO
User limit for free plan N/A
Usage limit for free plan N/A
Free Trial YES YES
Setup Fee NO No
Support Chat, Email & Phone Support Chat, Email & Phone Support
API Integration YES YES
For Web
Web dashboard YES YES
Android YES YES

About Field Sales Tracking Application

Managing field sales-related responsibilities becomes a challenging task when not accompanied by a systematic field sales tracking application. Most field sales jobs, including attendance, location, client meetings, orders, and expenses, require proper management, attendance, and reporting. With an equipped Field Sales Tracking Application, jobs requiring reporting and analytics become easy. A Field Sales Tracking Application ensures proper management of Field Sales, tracking with GPS location, verification of client meetings done, automated attendance reports, digitized client data, reporting, and analytics. Connect My World has created a powerful product that can revolutionize your in-house management processes with a 3x speed towards higher workforce productivity and result-oriented efficiency. The field management software by Connect My World packs speed, scalability, security, and affordability in one glorious platform and application that can help businesses make educated decisions.

How Can Connect My World Help?

Connect My World is the solution to all fleet management problems. Connect My World brings transparency and accountability to action from the lack of an efficient system to end-to-end support. Connect My World has built a seamless, user-friendly system that helps businesses find their dreams’ real-time location intelligence and analytics platform.

  • Easy to schedule and allocate tasks
  • Track employees and sales fleet at the tip of your finger
  • Uncompromised offline productivity
  • Accessible data collection app with proper data security
  • Downloadable reports at the click of a button
  • Robust and quick platform

Connect My World introduces a simple, powerful, and easy fit to any industry to increase productivity.

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