Field Staff Management App (FSM Software)

Monitor your field assignments with just a click with our field force manager app.

Field Staff Management Software

The field force manager app is an innovative solution by ConnectMyWorld that simplifies field staff management. This light-weight application helps the administrator assign tasks to the field employees in real time, keep track of their progress, collect proof of service, and much more.

The best part, you just need a GPS enabled Android phone to use it. while using this Employee tracking app

Task Management:

Appointment Management:

Challenges in Managing Mobile Work Force

  • Field employees are often assigned tasks via call or messages. This makes checking the progress and keeping record very difficult.

  • Providing updates to the supervisor via call is inefficient and often disturbs the field staff.

  • It is impossible to update the field staff about task priority when it keeps changing.

  • It is difficult to keep records of an employee’s work after they leave if there is no central archive.

  • There is no assurance on call for whether the employee actually visited the customer.

  • Collecting and saving proof of service, like delivery receipts or customer signature is impossible without a proper system.

Impacts Of Not Implementing A Reliable Field Staff Management Software


The assignement of tasks to the field staff would be ineffective. This may cause delays in the schedule.


Some assignments may not be completed due to lack of proper communication or delay in instructions.


The field staff may not be able to provide efficient service to customers, leading to drop in market share.


It becomes tedious for the supervisor to collect decentralized field reports and then compile them.

How Does ConnectMyWorld Solve FSM Related Challenges?

field service management

View the current status of all assignments in progress

field force manager

Real time task updates and well-maintained work records

field service software

Download field task reports instantly with just a click

field service app

A centrally managed system that clearly attributes accountability to each employee

field service mobile

The employees can view the assigned tasks in order of priority and schedule accordingly

ield service management software

A single app to record work progress and collect proof of delivery/service provided to the customer

With ConnectMyWorld, You Get

field service scheduling software


Experience upto 20% more productivity with comprehensive remote staff monitoring

field service mobile app


Motivate your field staff to perform to their full potential with real task management

field force solutions


Easily monitor staff location, time delays, daily task schedules and more from your smartphone

mobile workforce management


Save more in every day tasks with no extra expenditure on hardware for field staff tracking app

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can the bulk task allocated to a large number of employees in one shot or tasks be directly assigned through the ERP or CRM system through API?

Apart from the system is having a feature to create the task manually for each employee, the system also has the capability for bulk upload of task from XLS spreadsheet for each of the employee and these tasks will get distributed to each of the employees accordingly. We are also having the capability for real-time inbound lead(task) data integration and allocate the task to the field staff management software with some predefined rules.

2.What all the ways appointments can be created?

The supervisor can create the appointment directly through the dashboard and at the due time employee will start getting the reminder for the scheduled appointments. The system can automatically create the appointment on behalf of the employee once the employee himself choose the appointment date and time with the client.

3.Can an employee get the navigation to customer location and dialer for calling the customer facility directly through this gps tracker app?

Yes, this app is having the capability to provide navigation facility to customer location for the address provided and also the employee can directly open the dialer from the app to call the proceed with any specific task allocated to the field employee tracking app.

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