Steps To Follow For Trial Of Live Tracking Solution

Steps To Follow For Trial Of Live Tracking Solution

Connectmyworld is a field staff tracking software that helps organizations connect with their field staff in real time. With connectmyworld, organizations can view the location of their field staff, as well as track their movements and activities. connectmyworld also allows organizations to communicate with their field staff through text, voice, and video messages. Additionally, connectmyworld provides field staff with access to important organization information, such as manuals, safety procedures, and contact information. connectmyworld is a valuable tool for organizations that need to track and communicate with their field staff in real is a best employee tracking app and data collection app employee tracking apps can help to improve safety by providing real-time location data and allowing employees to stay connect in case of an emergency. Overall, employee tracking app offer a number of benefits that can be extremely valuable for businesses. connectmyworld is one such app that businesses can use to reap these benefits. connectmyworld offers a range of features that make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve employee communication, track productivity, and improve safety. connectmyworld is the perfect Gps tracker app for businesses that want to take advantage of the latest technology to improve their operations.Employee tracking is becoming increasingly popular in businesses across various industries. This software allows employers to track employee productivity, monitor attendance, and even monitor employee emails and internet usage. While employee tracking can provide valuable insights for employers, it also raises concerns about privacy and the impact on workplace culture.

an employee tracking App that has many advantages. connectmyworld helps you connect with your employees and track their work performance. The App also allows you to connect with your customers and clients. connectmyworld helps you manage your business more efficiently and connect with your employees more effectively<

  • Important note: After registration corporate account can be accessed with registered email id and user as trial, password as trial.

  • Attention: Continuous tracking for VIVO, MI(Redmi) and similar custom Android phones will only be possible by doing additional configuration with the device. Click Here for detail.

  • Visit the and go through the registration process with valid email id under Admin Login/Register. Click Here for registration.

  • Once the registration is completed pickup the device(Android with GPS) which need to be tracked and go to Google Play Store.

  •  Search for the app by name  “Field Task Manager” or “connectmyworld” and download it and install it in internal memory not in SD card.

  • Open the “Field Task Manager” app and it will ask about the email id, password and device id( can be the first name of the phone holder, for corporate use we suggest to use combination of first name and employee id as device id).

  • Here provide the same email id and password used for the registration for as a individual. Later on you can also create different password only for device registration.

  • You can register max 3 devices for the trial by giving different device id for each phone but Email Id and password used for device registration will be same for all the devices.

  • After device registration login to // to access the tracking platform.

  • You can also download the App from Play Store by name “FTM Supervisor” for supervisors to monitor their employees or access the mobile friendly url (// for non Android mobile devices(java script and cookie must be enabled).

  • Here for login, Email Id is the email used for registration. User and Password both will be “trial“.

  • You can change the password after first time login, and you trial will start.

  • For App user guide Click Here and for Admin/Supervisor guide Click Here.

Once you are happy with functions and features of the product kindly talk to us or write us and as per our corporate engagement we will make you administrator of this account with number of device connections as per your requirement.

Note: If you are not getting desired results for some of the devices after following the above steps please talk to us and we will try to help you to troubleshoot and make it working correctly.

write to us( or call us (+918105815801)   [printfriendly]

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