Beatroute App Alternative

Gone are the days when old-style software was used to help maximize productivity and efficiency. The current era is all about digitalization and automation. Connect My World brings you the most effective Beatroute App Alternative that can help your businesses not just automate the business field staff management but define goals and give you a goal-driven sales platform to achieve them. Experience Empowered Field Service Sales Teams using AI-powered mechanisms in the Connect My World application. Use the Beatroute App Alternative by Connect My World and experience hassle-free management of your sales teams. With the automated application, manage your fleet on the go with an offline mobile application. Check the activity and status of all the employees, assign tasks, and track them using geo-tag.

Criteria Connectmyworld Beatroute
Pricing plan / user / month (billed 3 months) ₹ 89 ₹ 249
Free Plan YES NO
User limit for free plan N/A
Usage limit for free plan N/A
Free Trial YES YES
Setup Fee NO 499 INR / user
Support Chat, Email & Phone Support Phone/Email
API Integration YES NO
For Web
Web dashboard YES YES
Android YES YES

About Field Sales Application

Managing a sales team online can be a challenging task. Without an appropriate system in place that can help manage the sales team can become difficult. Therefore, streamlined sales management software can help increase the productivity and efficiency of the salespeople. A defined sales management software comes equipped with features to Foster a deep collaboration between the distributors, salespeople, and users. Connect my world introduces one of the unique Employee tracking App that is specially built for a sales team to carry out day-to-day operations. The application encourages team Management, route planning and Optimisation, order and sales tracking, and data management.

How Can Connect My World Help?

Connect My World is a uniquely planned and highly scalable field management system that can power the effectiveness of your sales teams. It can also help businesses manage purchase and inventory while maintaining the transparency of sales execution and other elements in the distribution cycle.

  • Geo-tag integrated sales management
  • Easy scheduling and allocation of task
  • Track sales fleet on your mobile
  • Maintain productivity offline
  • Transparent data collection
  • High data security
  • Easy to download reports at the click of a button

Connect my world gives businesses a powerful system that is designed for all industries to execute their specific requirements and enhance their generic field sales capabilities.

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