Real Time location Tracking

Now you can track your entire workforce in real-time whether they are on the field or at the office with the newly developed GPS tracking app. Everybody can utilize this employee location tracking app to follow up on their employees. How is this possible? The device transforms your employees’ smart phone into a state of […]

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Employee Monitoring

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring

Human resource experts have been debating over the efficiency of employee monitoring and tracking tools. The conventional school of thought argues that this portrays the business’ lack of trust on its employees. More practical business owners, on the other hand, advocate the use of such software to make remote monitoring more easy and efficient. It […]

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Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software – See All Employee Activity

The new Field Staff Tracking and Task Monitoring solution by Connect My World is a smartphone based software that allows you to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business by monitoring the activity of your on field employees. Here are some fantastic ways it can help you streamline your field operations, with the control […]

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Field Force Management

Field Force Management at Your Fingertips

A business has to face a number of problems every day. You don’t know when something can go wrong in the office. And if your business stretches outside of the office too, it does not get any easier. To run a business with field tasks; like food delivery, logistics etc, you need excellent co-ordination between […]

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Field Force Tracking Software

Field Force Tracking Software by Connect My world

In business, trust and vigilance go hand in hand, especially when it comes to managing a field based workforce. It is impossible to personally monitor every individual employee during the task. Seeking regular updates over phone or text can be a little tiring for you, and irritating for your team. This is why investing in […]

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Procastinating sales staff

How to Deal With Procrastinating Sales Staff

Any manager who is tasked with the responsibility of handling an on-field sales team can relate to the innumerous excuses and lies that sales executives furnish on a daily basis. From make believe meetings to non-existent traffic jams, we have heard them all. While many managers believe in taking regular updates from their sales staff […]

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even outside the office

Get all work done smoothly, even outside the office

With competition in the market increasing by the hour, you need to up your game. That means giving your customers better service than the others. And what makes the customer happier than getting that service in their own house? Home delivery is a common service today. Though it is easy for the customer, it is […]

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Managing a Remote Team

Interference vs. Managing a Remote Team

Working with a team that operates on the field can be a tricky situation as you cannot constantly keep in touch or monitor the progress of your team. Some field staff managers call their employees every few hours to enquire about the status of tasks assigned. While this might ensure that the field staff does […]

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