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Product Description

Smartphone GPS tracker is especially designed for field employee real time monitoring and to track their movement history.
For free trial Click Here to follow the steps: Only thing you need to have the Android device which you want to track.

Also Click Here to watch the videos as how to use some of the basic features of the platform.

This app is extremely helpful for running business efficiently by tracking your staff on the field timely and accurately.

Under a single account, multiple smartphone devices can be attached and monitored very easily.

Write email to us ( and we will reply with steps to be followed to view live tracking on your Android phone through a mobile app.


  • Track the movement of Smartphone on Connect My World platform.
  • Get an alert when Smartphone enters/exits into certain areas(zones) defined by you.
  • If over speeding platform will send an alert.
  • Designed to consume minimum battery.
  • Can also be helpful to track lost/stolen Smartphone.

For further detail you can watch this Video and read this Kick-Start guide.

Procedure to install this App for your staff Smartphone is as below:

1. Share your Connect My World Email Id and Password with Smartphone holder.

2. With this Email Id and Password the device holder can install the app.

3. Once the app is installed and running you can always change the password by login to // .

4. This way the installed devices will remain attached to your Connect My World account for you to track.

Click here to know more about its installation and troubleshoot .

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