Solution For Field Staff Tracking & Field Service Management

ConnectMyWorld is existing in this field as the prominent solution provider for Field Staff Tracking and Service Management Software all across the globe. The solution is primarily designed for corporate having the challenge to manage their field staff like their sales and marketing force, medical representatives, service engineers, auditors, surveyors ect.. distributed all over the places and they want to have complete visibility for their field workforce whereabouts in their working hours and able to generate weekly, monthly reports of their every movement.

What Is Field Service Management?

Apart from providing the complete visibility about the movement with the help of our Field Service Management Software System we are able to provide the solution where staff can be allocated the work through the system directly, instead of assigning the work on paper slip or over phone or over through WhatsApp, which is often not traceable and proper history of work can’t be maintained and hence difficult to fix accountability. With the help of Task Management Software, These tasks can be very easily uploaded in bulk or manually assigned to the field staff like for service technicians depending upon their current location.

Once the work is attended, staff can provide the required inputs, and also can take photos, videos, signature etc. on the spot and update the status of work. And the good thing is that by doing so there is no need of internet to be available.

Field Data Collection Solution And Report Generation

We are also providing the complete solution for Field Data Collection which can be used by various Corporate and NGO to virtually capture any type of data which includes Photos, Videos, Signature etc from the field, for their Field Audit, Field Survey needs with the help of very easy to use but very feature rich Customized Android Data Collection Forms without any limitation of field and data on it and without the need of internet availability. This Data Collection App is integrated with Field Task Manager App. For all these collected data various reports can be generated and can be viewed as HTML or download as XLS sheet for further processing.
For more detail visit our product page Field Task Manager.