Field Force Service Management Software / App

Field Service Management App is the very unique and lightweight solution offered by ConnectMyWorld

This solution is helping our customers to formalize the work allocation and its execution process for their field employees.

Here Field employee could be Service Technician, Surveyors, Auditors, Document Collection and Verification, FMCG etc.

Challenges Before Mobile Workforce Management:

• Often Work assignment to Field Employee is done over Phone, WhatsApp or in Paper Sheet which is very difficult to trace, maintain the history and fix accountability.
• The supervisor takes an update on work happening in the field through WhatsApp, Over The Phone which can be seen as a very inefficient and disruptive for the work done by field staff.
• Challenging to set and communicate the priority of work, more challenging when priorities are changing very often.
• Once the employee is leaving the organization all the history of customer interaction also gone with him.
• How to ensure that employee actually visited the place and actually attended customer.
• Once the work is attended it is needed to capture data as order collection form, proof of delivery, proof of service, customer receipt, customer feedback etc.. which might also require to take the signature, photos, videos etc. can be very unmanageable without a proper system in place.

What Is the Negative Impact If The Feild Force Manager Software / App Not Implemented?

• Some of the assigned work can be lost and not attended as no proper structure and accountability in place.
• It can adversely impact customer satisfaction and eventually cause to lose the market share.
• Informal structure of communication causes heavy dependency on individual field staff.
• Not able to allocate work in an optimal way to employees in the field.
• For Admin staff a lot of decentralized information to be collected, received from various resources and compile, which will be labour intensive and be error-prone.

How To Solve These Challenges By The Field Service Scheduling Solution / Software:

• Formalize the work assignment process through a system, so that it is clearly fixing the accountability with each field employee.
• The supervisor has the dashboard view about the current status of all the open assignments.
• The employee is having a formal way to communicate back to a supervisor just by updating the status of work and history of work is properly maintained.
• Employee interface to view the work and its detail in the order of its priority.
• App able to provide a single unified interface to collect data in the filed for order collection, proof of delivery, proof of service, customer receipt etc.
• Admin staff has just one click to download reports instead of collecting error-prone decentralized information from all over the places.

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