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Field Staff Management Software App Along With Tracking, Staff Attendance, Perform Surveys & Custom Field Data Collection Even There Is No Internet


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Product Description

Main Features
1. Highly Sophisticated, Unmatchable, Reliable Field Staff Tracking App, Works Without Internet Also.
2. Complete Field Staff Attendance Solution With All Visited Places As Check Points
3. Field Service Management Solution To Efficiently Assign And Manage Work Of Field Staff
4. Customized Field Data Collection Solution For Performing Surveys, Capture Proof Of Delivery, Doing Audit Etc
5. Customer Meeting And Expense Report
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Complete List Of Features
  • A comprehensive lightweight solution specially designed for employees working in the field.
  • Live tracking and past history of employee movement, including total distance traveled in working hours.
  • View the route taken by the employee on map with speed and device battery condition.
  • Configure Geo Fence for arrival and departure report for locations of interest.
  • Centrally managed attendance system with all visited places as checkpoints.
  • Get a report on stop time summary to estimate the performance of the employee.
  • Get alert and view report for any deviation in the rule of engagement with the employee with time and location.
  • Our Field Service Management solution allows you to allocate and manage the work of field staff in a transparent manner.
  • Perform surveys, audit and other filed data collection with our fully customizable data collection forms.
  • Robust reporting.
  • Works with most Android devices with GPS.
  • Live tracking with very good(5 to 10 meters) accuracy.
  • Respects individuals privacy so no legal complications.
  • Very easy and quick implementation.
  • Highly optimized for battery and data usage(approx. 50 MB per month).
  • Offline mode (Works without network also)
  • Supports hundreds of employees in a single account.
  • Controlled access to various application users and supervisors.
  • Supports to take pictures, video, signature etc as proof of delivery, surveys, audit etc…
  • Can Integrate with existing ERP/CRM systems.
  • write to us( or call us (+918105815801) for more detail.

  • Negligible capital investment.
  • Guranteed lowest Subscription rates in the market.
  • Only approx. 50 MB data per/month required.
  • It is definitely huge return of investment, as what you invest and what you get is unmatchable.
  • Android devices get cheaper day by day and now it is available for less than Rs. 3000 also.
  • If employees in the organization already having the android device means almost no or very less investment on hardware.
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  • Or call us +91 8105815801

Schedule and track the location and work of your field staff using mobile gps tracker app / Software & field service management solution

Construction companies, oil rigs, sales & marketing agencies, pharma companies, technical service providers, NGOs and many other enterprises work with field employees. It becomes very difficult for the manager or the administrator to allot work to the subordinates and keep track of the work done. This challenge is solved by the use of field staff task management software from Connect My World.

An easy-to-download and use field service management software application, it allows managers and teams to seamlessly connect and communicate. This Android-based application is simple and easy to use. Plus, you don’t need high-end technology or in-depth computing knowledge to use this field staff tracking software application. Designed to work based on GPS technology, this field staff task management and employee location tracking software offers a convenient and efficient way for managers to track the productivity and performance of the employees working out of office.

The field service management software can be customized according to the needs and preferences of your workforce. The manager can easily monitor the work of the entire team using this mobile application. Schedule the tasks for each day so that even if the employee is not in the office, he is aware of the priority tasks that need to be completed first. Once the field agent completes the task, he can update the information on the app, so that the manager will immediately get an alert that the priority task is completed. This way, there will be no confusion or delay in completing the work.

The field service management software also helps create a transparent system allowing both the manager and the field agent to effectively communicate. This field service app offered by Connect My World to create a better and efficient work process in your business enterprise.

Our solution is also capable to provide customized data collection forms for any type of simple and complex field data collection. All the data collected will be Geotagged and data can be collected when there is no internet or network. This feature is very useful for doing surveys, performing checklist, proof of delivery, taking customer orders, submitting daily activity report etc. What you are currently capturing through spreadsheet or word document template we can easily convert this into Android Data Collection Form.

Already more than 8000 devices are connected to platform For free trial Click Here to follow the steps: Only hardware requirement is to have Android devices with GPS.

Also Click Here to watch the videos as to how to use some of the basic features of the platform.

The field staff tracking and task management system is designed to manage hundreds of employees/staff in a single account very easily.

Any kind of corporate assistance to bring you to speed from us is complimentary.

Configuration & Installation

  • Start your engagement with Free Trial and follow 3 step easy process to register with us to start trial and it is all self managed.Click Here
  • After going through free trial step and to use the application, For App user guide Click Here and for Admin/Supervisor guide Click Here.