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Field Employee Tracking and Management Made Easier

Several common field employee service mistakes can instantly impact the company’s productivity and effectiveness, such as insufficiently developed or employing incompetent communication methods.Field staff Tracking software india can help bypass any of the common pitfalls and support managers in the field to get their service team operating at their very best. Connect My World proposes an Field staff Management Software app that helps monitor field assignments with just a few clicks. There are a number of employee tracking app available on the market, but one that we particularly like is Connectmyworld. This app allows you to track your employee productivity data in one central place, making it easy to see how each employee is performing and identify areas where improvement is needed.

Managing remote staff can be challenging if you do not have the right tools. Allocating tasks to employees, tracking task status, and reviewing performance becomes difficult in case of a field team. To help you ensure maximum performance and productivity from your remote team, ConnectMyWorld brings to you Field Employee Tracking app. This employee tracking and management system is designed to manage hundreds of employees in a single account. Data collection app refer to mobile applications that allow users to collect and share data. There are many data collection apps available, and each has its own unique features. Connectmyworld is one such app that allows users to collect and share data about their world. Employee GPS tracker are a type of software that connectMyWorld offers to businesses. This software allows businesses to track the real-time location of their employees. It is a web-based application that is compatible with most mobile devices. The employee GPS tracker is easy to use and install.

connectmyworld is a GPS tracker app that helps you keep tabs on your loved ones. By setting up a profile for each family member, you can see their real-time location on a map. You can also set up alerts to notification you when they arrive at or leave specific locations.

With over 8000 devices already using the platform to redefine field performance, this is one of the best remote team management tool in the market. It is lightweight, battery and data optimized, and delivers stunning features to give you complete control and comfort. The Employee tracking software also helps create a transparent system allowing both the manager and the field agent to effectively communicate.

How can Book Publishers benefit from the Field Employee Tracking Application?

• Efficient paperless processes • Optimized service management and scheduling • Increased technician productivity with the specialized software • Streamlined information flow • Transparency between company and client • Real-time updates and upgrades

How can Connect My World help?

• Real-time location information • Track movements of employees • Monitor from any location, anytime • Receive instant SMS alerts • Track the stolen or lost items • Affordable • Geotag enabled • Save more in everyday tasks • No extra expenditure on the hardware required


Connect my world - app

Reliable field employee tracking and management solution with a wide range of features to help you increase the productivity of your team.

Task Allocation and Status

Assign and schedule tasks for your team, and view when they are completed. You can add, edit, and cancel tasks in real time, with the feature of linking a location to a task.

Employee Tracking App

Get live tracking and past history of employee movement, including total distance travelled in working hours. You also get details like route taken, device battery status, and more.

Works Offline Too

The Employee Tracking app is much more than just a tracking tool. You can go through task reports, review employee performance and stay productive without the internet.

Surveys and Data Collection

The Employee tracking app software allows your team to get survey forms filled out on the go. No matter how complex your data collection form is, you can easily build it on the app and speed up the responses.

Connect my world - app

Robust Reporting

Get detailed insights on employee task status, time on field, time taken for a task etc. right on your smartphone. Regular alerts and downloadable reports make evaluation easier.

Easy to Setup

An Android device with GPS, and an internet connection is all you need to get started with ConnectMyWorld. Simply download the app on your smartphone, and you are good to go!

All-round Features

Fully loaded with features such as highly sophisticated, unmatchable, reliable Field Employee Tracking, Staff Attendance, Field Service Management Software to efficiently assign and manage work.

Unmatched Versatility

ConnectMyWorld’s Field Employee Tracking app is your ideal choice irrespective of the nature of your business and the size of your field staff. It’s highly customisable and immensely versatile.

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