Data Collection Form / Mobile Data Entry App

Data Collection App / Android Based Survey App is Wonderful and Unmatchable offering by ConnectMyWorld.

It is state of art very unique solution by ConnectMyWorld which can let the Field staff to collect Online or offline any type of data with the help of Android forms.

Field Force like Survey Agencies, Auditors, Document verification, NGOs require to go to remote locations and collect various type of data, apart from simple data they also need to collect photos, videos, signature etc also.

Typical Requirement & Challenges For Mobile Data Collection:

Field Data collection needs to happen without internet availability also.
• All collected data need to be Geotagged to ensure that data actually collected at the desired place.
• Interface for data collection form needs to be very simple and efficient to use.
• Data collection form must be highly customizable to meet day to day requirements.
• Photo, Video, Signature must be an integral part of the data collection process.
• A centralized system to collect data to generate simple & complex business reports.
• No hardware investment by the organization.
• Completely remove the paperwork from the whole data collection process
• Provision to download the collected in XLS for further processing
• No data entry operator is required to feed the collected data into the system.

What Will Happen If The Above Challenges Overlooked:

• Need to distribute physical paper sheet forms to the team.
• No guarantee if the data is collected from the desired place or made up by the staff.
• Photos and Videos need to be collected separately and sent separately.
• Error-prone as in paper sheet no validation check is possible like mobile number must be of 10 digits.
• Need staff training to fill the data, but still error-prone.
• Once sheets received central office to compiling this disintegrated information is another big challenge and need a large number of data entry operators to feed data back into the system.
• Not very adaptive for any change in requirement and many times it becomes almost impossible to do that.
• Start the whole process from scratch for any new requirement.
• The whole process turns out to be error-prone, inefficient and expensive.

ConnnectMyWorld is able to address all the above challenges to run your business to let you run android based online / offline survey smoothly and very efficiently with the help of our data collection app.

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