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Employee Tracking App

Field Employee Tracking App/Software

With an increase in field employees and several industries opting for fresh ways to deliver their products and services, remote tracking software has gained tremendous popularity. Organizations often find difficulty managing their teams on the field and make them work to their full potential. The managers at such organizations can rely greatly on GPS Employee Tracking App that can help them monitor their employee’s activities. Connect My World brings an affordable and efficient software solution that can help organizations find ease in handling a huge taskforce.

The Gps Tracker App by ConnectMyWorld is a breakthrough field employee tracking solution that helps organizations monitor the activities of their field employees throughout working hours.

The app can be used by organizations from any industry with field employees.

The past decade has been a journey of change and advancement. Right from the way we communicate, to the way we get entertained, each aspect of our lives have evolved with time. Companies too have changed their business processes and work nature by leveraging a lot on technology. The foremost reason for this is reducing costs and increasing productivity. Gone are the days when companies used to hire employees for specific tasks, today they rely on contract workers or temporary workforce whose duty includes handling multiple projects at once. These contractors do not require on-site presence which makes it easy for businesses to save on manpower cost.

But keeping track of them becomes a tough task amidst all these conditions where there is no company office or permanent worker address that can be targeted easily. Tracking a worker becomes a tough task if he or she belongs to a different part of the country. In such cases, one can always use cell phone tracking apps that have been designed for just this purpose.The most challenging job for a business working with field staff is to keep track of employees working in field. Tracking field employees is a challenge as the technology used for employee tracking doesn’t support the task. Unaware of the latest employee tracking App, businesses continue tracking their field staff on mobiles.

connectmyworld also best data collection app

This Employee tracking app software is developed for tracking field staff and for this reason it is the ideal application for monitoring field employees. The software makes an online platform on which it shows geographical location of the staff monitored. The managers can see where the field employees are located on the platform and also they can instantly connect to the field staff. The software establishes quick connection hence it removes use of mobile.

Employee Tracking App: A way out!

The need for an effective internal fleet management system has grown manifolds in the past few years. Let us take a look at how companies across industry verticals are leveraging technology to stay ahead of competition and increase productivity.

Telecom Sector: Wireless Mobile Tracking Solution is considered as one of the most important tools for telecom managers who handle sales teams working on-field with a huge network of retail outlets spread across the region/country/continent. Also known as GPS vehicle tracker, GPS fleet management system or vehicle tracking device, the wireless mobile tracking solution is a powerful tool that helps in real-time monitoring of geographic location of workers who are expected to be on road for most part of the day.

Transportation Sector: It is one of the most obvious applications where fleets need to be tracked at all times. For instance, truck transportation is one of the most crucial business verticals for companies operating in manufacturing, military or construction sectors. When drivers are on the move, it becomes difficult for managers to keep track of time and location where most accidents take place. This makes an effective tracking app extremely important so that company can be made aware of potential troubles before they even happen.Connectmyworld is also best Data collection app connectmyworld is an employee tracking app that helps businesses keep track of employee whereabouts and connect with them in the event of an emergency. connectmyworld is particularly useful for businesses with employees who travel or work remotely. The app allows businesses to set up custom geofences, or virtual boundaries, around any location. Once an employee enters or exits a geofence, the business is notified via the app. connectmyworld also has a real-time location tracking feature that can be used to locate an employee at any time. In the event of an emergency, connectmyworld can send out mass notifications to all employees, letting them know where to go and what to do. connectmyworld is a powerful tool that can help businesses keep their employees safe and connected. Employee GPS tracking is the use of GPS tracking app devices to monitor and track the movement of employees while they are working. Typically, employee GPS tracking is used in businesses with a mobile workforce, such as transportation or delivery companies, to ensure that employees are where they are supposed to be and that they are completing their work assignments. Employee GPS tracking can also be used to monitor employee productivity. employee tracking app that allows businesses to connect with their employees in real-time. The app provides a variety of features that allow businesses to track employee location, communicate with employees, and manage employee schedules. Connectmyworld also offers a variety of security features that protect businesses from data breaches and unauthorized access to employee information.

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to changing environments, the need for efficient employee management tools becomes increasingly important. One such tool that has gained traction in recent years is the employee tracking app. This app provides employers with a convenient and effective way to monitor their employees’ activities in real-time, improving productivity and accountability.

With features such as GPS tracking, time and attendance management, and task assignment and progress tracking, employee tracking apps have revolutionized the way businesses operate. Employers can now easily track their employees’ location, attendance, and progress on assigned tasks, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. This not only ensures that employees are working efficiently but also helps employers identify areas where improvements can be made. we will explore the benefits of employee tracking apps and how they can help modern businesses become more productive and successful.

Connectmyworld is a GPS tracking app that can be used to track the location of your phone in real time. The app can be used to find your lost or stolen phone, as well as to monitor the location of your family and friends.to know more visit Field staff tracking app

Track Employees Using Map

Common Problems in Field Force Management

  • Is the employee actually visiting the customer as reported?

  • Is the employee following the daily schedule?

  • Is the employee wasting time by staying at one place for a long time?

  • Is the travel allowance demanded by the employee correct?

  • Is the employee underutilized?

  • Is the employee visiting the customer themselves or sending someone else instead?

  • How can book publishers benefit from the Field Employee Tracking App?

    • Save money and time over transport operations • Offer route optimizations for transport • Fuel tracking for transport • Theft control • Transparency between company and client • Real-time updates and upgrades • Increased efficiency

    How can Connect My World help you?

    • Real-time location information • Track movements of employees • Monitor from any location, anytime • Receive an SMS alert • Track the stolen or lost items • Affordable • Geotag enabled

Employee GPS Tracking Report

Consequences of Improper Field Employee Tracking App


If the employee performance is not analysed properly, there will be no chance of improvement.


The organization cannot identify the poor performers and take corrective measures.


The organisztion would be paying for customer visits that might have not actually happened.


The organization would be spending more than necessary on travel allowances.


The customers would not be getting proper service, and the company will lose credibility.


The company would lose market share and profits, which could not be identified until it is too late.

Connect my World    Location

Constant GPS Tracking throughout working hours

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Instant updates about field force activity

Overcomes all the obstacles in Employee GPS Tracking

Overcomes all the obstacles in field force management

Benefits of ConnectMyWorld

Complete transparency between field force and supervisor

Complete transparency between field force and supervisor

Improvement in performance of field Force

Improvement in performance of field employee tracking app

Improved customer satisfaction and company reputation by managing your field force

Improved customer satisfaction and company reputation

Increased productivity by using our Employee GPS Tracker

Increased productivity, market share and profits

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between continuous tracking and point to point tracking?

Point to point tracking is able to give some idea about the employee movement but it is not able to serve the purpose of complete and accurate movement history. It has many loopholes which can be covered only by continuous employee tracking app. If there is a requirement to find out the actual distance travelled by the employee in working hours and also how much time the employee is spending on a particular place then one must go for continuous tracking. Most of the tracking provider companies are giving point to point tracking as compared to us where we are able to provide continuous tracking.

2. How much is the accuracy one can expect:

The tracking solution we are providing is very accurate with a maximum of 5 to 10 meter of deviation. Most of our customers are able to pay travel allowance on the basis of the actual distance travelled by their employees in working hours through Attendance report of our system.

3. Will the tracking happen even if the internet is not available?

Yes, for tracking it is required to use the GPS enabled Android phones. When the employee is on the move the phone is able to get the location of itself directly with the help of GPS satellites roaming around the earth. For this activity, no internet is required.and here the internet role is very limited and when the internet is available via 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or WiFi mobile phone will send the stored location tracking data to platform otherwise it will wait for the internet to be available. Hence we call it a zero data loss system, and tracking data has almost no impact on tracking capability and its data history availability due to non-availability of internet.

4. What software can help with my employee tracking?

Out there are many softwares that you can use to monitor the activities of your employees, but here is the interesting fact about our connectmyworld employee tracking app.we provide free trial for our software till you are satisfied along with offering abundant features like location tracking, activity tracking, smart alerts & notifications and more.
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5. Is it legal to track my employees activity using an employee tracking app?

Well, that’s an intriguing question. Even thou tracking your employees activity isn’t an illegal activity but still it’s a work culture to ask your employees consent before you track on him/her, also it is essential to do so in a manner that respects employees’ privacy rights.

6. How do I track a staff working from home?

‘It’s a piece of cake’, you can track your staff who is working remotely from anywhere around the world using our connectmyworld employee tracking app, our software lets you to track your employees location, browsing history, desktop activity, leisure time and more.

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