Field Employee GPS Location Tracking App / Software

Employee Tracking App is state of art staff & incomparable tracking solution for field employees offered by ConnectMyWorld.

It is the solution designed for corporate to monitor the field employee movement in their working hours.

Field employees like Service Technicians, Sales & Marketing, Medial Representatives, Surveyors, Auditors, Door To Door Service, Courier Service and many more.

Employee GPS Tracking App / employee location tracking app

Employee GPS tracking app

Challenges With Field Employee Management:

• Whether the employee is actually meeting the customer as claimed is a daily report?
• Whether the field staff meeting the customer on scheduled time?
• Whether the employee is over staying at places and becoming less productive?
• Whether the travel allowance submitted by the field employee as per actual travel?
• Whether the employee is underutilized and has the capacity to take more work?
• Whether the employee is actually going or sending someone else to the client on his behalf?

What Will Happen If Field Employee Management Challenges Overlooked:

• The organization might start losing its market share, unfortunately, it might take some to realize and it could be too late to recover losses due to that.
• Not analyzing the performance from above-mentioned parameters will leave the opportunity of employee performance improvement.
• Often it is better to identify worst performer in the team and take corrective action at the early stage before you lose customers and lose market share.
• Often false travel allowances submitted by the employee will hit the organization 2 folds
◦ The organization is paying for the visit which actually has not happened.
◦ The organization is losing on market share and customer satisfaction because an expected visit to the client not happened.

How ConnectMyWorld Is Able To Solve Above Problem:

• All the above challenges can only be solved by doing Continuous GPS tracking in working hours.
• No other solution like Spot Tracking or Work Completion OTP To Customer works having major loopholes which can’t be checked to solve above-mentioned problems.
• Employee GPS tracking App for Android is the solution to all the above-mentioned challenges offered by us.
• Our Comprehensive Field Staff Attendance Solution is able to provide a complete summary of Field Employee day to day movement and activities in their working hours.

Why We Are Different From Our Competitors In Field Employee Tracking Software:

• We are able to provide the state of art GPS Tracking Solution which is exactly designed to meet corporate need after 6 months of serious research from IIT Graduates.
• Our solution and is highly consistent, reliable and very accurate, which none of our competitors are able to provide.
• It is the lowest cost software implementation and none of our competitors can match to that.
• Very easy to use and very fast to implement even for hundreds and thousands of employees in an organization.
• It works for any Android phone/tablet with GPS.
• We encourage our customers to not invest in hardware instead go for BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) with their Field Employee wherever it is possible with below benefits.
◦ It saves the upfront cost investment in hardware of an organization which otherwise can go in lakhs.
◦ Organization need not worry about ongoing hardware maintenance issues.

By Adopting This Field Employee GPS Tracking System You Will Achieve The Following:

• Organizations are able to grow market share.
• Improved customer satisfaction.
• Complete transparency between staff and management.
• Able to save money on false claims.
• Find out the best and worst performers in the team quickly.
• Able to improve overall efficiency and productivity by 20% or more.

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