Field Employee GPS Tracking App / Software

Monitor Your Field Employee Efficiency Using Our GPS Tracker App

Employee Tracking App

Field Employee GPS Tracking App/Software

With an increase in field employees and several industries opting for fresh ways to deliver their products and services, remote tracking software has gained tremendous popularity. Organizations often find difficulty managing their teams on the field and make them work to their full potential. The managers at such organizations can rely greatly on GPS Employee Tracking App that can help them monitor their employee’s activities. Connect My World brings an affordable and efficient software solution that can help organizations find ease in handling a huge taskforce.

The Employee Tracking App by ConnectMyWorld is a breakthrough field employee GPS tracking solution that helps organizations monitor the activities of their field employees throughout working hours.

The app can be used by organizations from any industry with field employees.

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Common Problems in Field Force Management

  • Is the employee actually visiting the customer as reported?

  • Is the employee following the daily schedule?

  • Is the employee wasting time by staying at one place for a long time?

  • Is the travel allowance demanded by the employee correct?

  • Is the employee underutilized?

  • Is the employee visiting the customer themselves or sending someone else instead?

  • How can book publishers benefit from the Field Employee GPS Tracking App?

    • Save money and time over transport operations
    • Offer route optimizations for transport
    • Fuel tracking for transport
    • Theft control
    • Transparency between company and client
    • Real-time updates and upgrades
    • Increased efficiency

    How can Connect My World help you?

    • Real-time location information
    • Track movements of employees
    • Monitor from any location, anytime
    • Receive an SMS alert
    • Track the stolen or lost items
    • Affordable
    • Geotag enabled

Employee GPS Tracking Report

Consequences of Improper Field Employee GPS Tracking App


If the employee performance is not analysed properly, there will be no chance of improvement.


The organization cannot identify the poor performers and take corrective measures.


The organisztion would be paying for customer visits that might have not actually happened.


The organization would be spending more than necessary on travel allowances.


The customers would not be getting proper service, and the company will lose credibility.


The company would lose market share and profits, which could not be identified until it is too late.

Connect my World

Constant GPS Tracking throughout working hours

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Instant updates about field force activity

Overcomes all the obstacles in Employee GPS Tracking

Overcomes all the obstacles in field force management

Benefits of ConnectMyWorld

Complete transparency between field force and supervisor

Complete transparency between field force and supervisor

Improvement in performance of field Force

Improvement in performance of field employee gps tracking

Improved customer satisfaction and company reputation by managing your field force

Improved customer satisfaction and company reputation

Increased productivity by using our Employee GPS Tracker

Increased productivity, market share and profits

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between continuous tracking and point to point tracking?

Point to point tracking is able to give some idea about the employee movement but it is not able to serve the purpose of complete and accurate movement history.
It has many loopholes which can be covered only by continuous employee gps tracking.
If there is a requirement to find out the actual distance travelled by the employee in working hours and also how much time the employee is spending on a particular place then one must go for continuous tracking.
Most of the tracking provider companies are giving point to point tracking as compared to us where we are able to provide continuous tracking.

2. How much is the accuracy one can expect:

The tracking solution we are providing is very accurate with a maximum of 5 to 10 meter of deviation.
Most of our customers are able to pay travel allowance on the basis of the actual distance travelled by their employees in working hours through Attendance report of our system.

3. Will the tracking happen even if the internet is not available?

Yes, for tracking it is required to use the GPS enabled Android phones. When the employee is on the move the phone is able to get the location of itself directly with the help of GPS satellites roaming around the earth. For this activity, no internet is required.and here the internet role is very limited and when the internet is available via 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or WiFi mobile phone will send the stored location tracking data to platform otherwise it will wait for the internet to be available. Hence we call it a zero data loss system, and tracking data has almost no impact on tracking capability and its data history availability due to non-availability of internet.

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