Important additional configuration for ConnectMyWorld App

It is observed that for REDMI,VIVO or similar Custom Android devices, additional configuration needs to be done before continuous tracking is possible. Otherwise, the device will kill the tracking service within 15 minutes after the service starts, and no tracking will happen after that. Connectmyworld is the best employee tracking app to track your employees easily.

Note: In some phones, some of the steps below might be available in different formats or places.

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Configuration steps for REDMI,VIVO:

For REDMI Phones:

  • Open Phone Settings > Battery > App Battery Saver > Choose Apps > Field Task Manager App > Enable “No Restriction”.
  • Repeat the above steps for MonitorFTM App also.

For VIVO Phones:

  • Open Phone Settings > Battery > Excessive Battery Usage > Select Field Task Manager App and turn it on.
  • Repeat the above steps for MonitorFTM App also.

To apply the settings mentioned above, restart the phone and ensure all the previously set settings remain intact.

To know more, visit the Employee Tracking App.

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