GPS Tracker for Kids – Pros and Cons

When you watch the news on television or read a newspaper, you see so many incidents of child abuse, kidnap and so much more that parents are constantly worried about their child’s safety. Parents will not be able to keep children locked up inside the homes all day long because they feel it’s such an unsafe world outside. Children have to go to schools, their sports classes, tuition centers, and other places. And most of the time, if both parents are working, they will not be able to drive children to all these places wait for them, and pick them up again. So, most parents give mobile phones to their children, which allow them to constantly check upon them. But, even then children may not pick up the phone sometimes, which may send the parents into a frenzy of agitation. So, what’s the solution? They can go for GPS trackers.

The market offers a number of GPS Trackers for Kids and also Connectmyworld provides solutions for employee tracking app as well. This tracker will continually update the child’s location on the server that can be accessed by the parent. It is also designed to alert parents in case of any emergency situation or any deviation in the set plan. Parents can breathe easy knowing that they have a constant tab on their child’s location. So, even if the child doesn’t pick up the phone or truthfully tell their exact location, parents will be able to correctly find out where they are and determine how long they will take to reach home in the current traffic. connectmyworld also employee tracking app can help to improve safety by providing real-time location data and allowing employees to stay connect in case of an emergency Though it seems as if GPS trackers are a boon for parents and children, they too have their flip side. As the tracker constantly monitors by the data collection app the child’s whereabouts and reports to the parents, children may feel a loss of privacy. While younger children may not mind, teens and growing youngsters may feel it as an intrusion to their privacy. So the device which is meant to keep the child safe may itself drive a rift between the parents and children. Another point when you look from the side of the children is that they will feel the absence of trust. Growing children may start feeling that their parents don’t trust them enough to give them the freedom. Such issues may create emotional scars in the young hearts. So, parents should carefully use these GPS tracker app for kids to monitor their children without making them feel that they are losing their privacy and confidence. A GPS tracker is an essential tool for kids who can easily get lost. They’re also great tools to use in case of emergencies, because if your child goes missing you’ll be able to immediately know their location and save them.GPS Tracker for Kids is a smartphone app that your child can use to find out where they are. It works by using the GPS locator on their phone, and it also has an SMS feature so that you can call them easily.   For Enquires: ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91 8105815801 Email:

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