Keep a Tab on Your Field Agents with Employee Location Tracking Software

In any office, the management will be able to easily ascertain the employee presence and attendance adherence with manual registers or biometric access. But, how will they be able to keep track of the agents who are out in the field all day long? There was once a system when the employees will have to report to the office in the morning, get a detailed account of all the calls they should attend. And in the evening, they should prepare the report and submit it to their reporting manager in the office before heading home. Though this process may seem fairly good, there are many drawbacks to this system. The travel time and distance become more and productivity could be reduced. Employee location tracking software offers an easy and convenient alternative to this age-old process.

With the help of field force manager, agents don’t have to report to the office every day. They can simply sign in their attendance via the software every morning and evening. Plus, the dashboard will have a list of calls to attend as well as their locations. As the software is GPS enabled, it will assign jobs closest to the person’s location. So, the field agent doesn’t have to travel to places far away. Plus, the details of the job are clearly described to the employee. So, once he attends the call, he can quickly update the status and details onto the dashboard, which will allow his reporting manager to quickly check with the work done.

This employee tracking app is beneficial for both the management and employee. The management will be able to ascertain the employee’s attendance and work done. Also, the travel time to and from the office is cut down, the field agent will be able to attend more calls, enhancing his productivity. Another advantage is that the GPS enabled system will keep track of the total number of kilometers traveled by the agent. This option will come in handy while generating the invoice and crediting the payment for the employee. Since it is automatically generated, there are no ways the data can be tampered with.

From the employee’s standpoint, there is a detailed report and log of all his movements. So, he will be able to present his job details to the reporting manager with complete evidence. The field agent software automatically generates reports regarding distance traveled and time taken. So, the agent will be able to easily present a detailed report to the manager and not worry about being accused for data tampering. A win-win situation on both sides.