Get the Most from Your Marketing Team Using Employee Location Tracking Software

All organizations rely on marketing to promote their products. Though there are many ways to market products, the traditional way of direct marketing is still the most preferred way to reach clients. Such companies invest lot of money in recruiting people for marketing. A trained workforce gets ready and is deployed across various regions. What companies fail to track is the whereabouts of their employees. They have to rely on the reports produced by their employees, which might have false data due to no validation. This might lead to reduced profits as a result of low productivity and efficiency of the employees. Technology is now providing suitable solutions to such companies through employee location tracking software.

This software uses different approaches to track employees. Employees might use web apps through which they log their location status along with a picture from the location. The manager can view them online to check where his team members were on that day. Sophisticated versions of field tracking software utilize GPS facility where the software automatically determines the location of the employee. It has the advantage of providing real time location of field agents. The software collects all required data from client devices and creates a repository of information that can be used whenever required.  A consolidated report can be obtained at the end of the month to analyze the employee’s performance.

A simple Google search for employee location tracking software will provide a list of vendors providing such software with various features. Field tracking software such as the one provided by Connect My World has all features required to monitor such mobile employees. It can be installed on mobile phones. This would help in tracking an employee’s location, how much he has travelled on that particular day and also send alerts based on preset configurations. Employees can also log their attendance and daily time sheet using this software. It ensures that employees visit clients on time, do not move out from their allotted regions or spend a lot of time in the same location. With so many features available, companies can choose a suitable employee location software available on the market and customize it as per their requirements. Customizing the software would help them optimize the results obtained from information collected from employee devices. The data collected from the employee location tracking software can be routed to in-house payroll and attendance software to obtain monthly reports.


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