The Rules of Employee Location Tracking

Companies are increasingly using GPS tracker to monitor the movements of their field agents. This new technology has proved to be very beneficial for employers as it helps track the location and movement of their on-site employees. Earlier, it was difficult for employers to track the productivity and performance of employees who are constantly on the road. However, with the development of GPS trackers, it has become easy and convenient to track employee location. There is a fine line between monitoring and spying. In order to ensure that employers toe their line while tracking employees with GPS tracking device, there are certain rules that they need to follow.

Get employee consent

First and foremost, the employer should inform the employee that he/she is being tracked using a tracking device. If the tracking application is installed in the android phone that the employee uses, then the management has to keep the employee appraised of the fact.

Understand the legalities

As mentioned earlier, there is a fine line between monitoring and spying. If the employee feels uncomfortable or constrained because of the constant monitoring, then he/she could take legal support. So, the management should carefully study the legalities of using a GPS device to track employee location using data collection app.

Clear divide between personal and work time

Even if a field agent is traveling on the company’s money, it doesn’t meant that the management has rights to monitor 24/7. There should be a clear explanation about the work hours and free hours. Both the management and the employee should be clear on the hours that they are to be working. So, even if the employee is out of town due to work, he/she is entitled to the time off they deserve. It will not be ethical to track employees during their private time.

Company Policy

Before the employer starts tracking employees with GPS, he/she should check if the company polices allow them to do so. Inside the office premises, the employee is generally monitored with a CCTV camera. However, there may or may not be a provision to do the same monitoring out of the office area. So, it would be best to check the rules before taking it it is better to install an employee tracking app on your device to monitor convenient and with ease.

There are so many rules in using a GPS tracker to monitor field agents. It is important to realize the importance that the privacy of the employee cannot be sacrificed in the name of performance. So, the tracking device should be used judiciously to get the best benefit.

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