Do You Want to Track Your Employee Location?

Do you want to find out what your field agent is exactly up to when they are out in the field, supposed to be meeting up with clients, or making technical service calls? It is very difficult for the management to keep track of the on-site employees who are always on the go outside the office. The HR will also find it difficult to mark attendance, permissions, leaves, and other details of the staff. One solution to all these challenges will be to use a GPS-based employee location tracking device.

Employees and employers need not fear or think that it is a spying device. This device allows you to just track employee location and their movement. The device can be switched on when the employee reports for work and then turned off after office hours. So, the movement will only be captured during working hours and not during the employee’s personal time. Moreover, this tracking device allows the field agent to mark his attendance for the day without having to travel to the office each time. A lot of time and effort can be saved as the employee can directly visit the client’s place in the morning without having to go to the office and then go to the client’s location. Even if the employee doesn’t call in and report his location and travel direction, the manager can easily note the details by checking the tracking device reports.

The tracking device will be connected to an online platform that will give the administrator or manager a clear picture of the location of all the employees in the company. So, in a glance, you will be able to find out where each employee is at any particular point in time. This employee tracking device will also make it easy for the manager to assign tasks to the field agents. The manager can check the location of the employee and assign the nearest client, which will reduce response time and improve productivity.

You can evaluate your field agent’s productivity and performance when you track employee location. The GPS tracking device also generates reports on the employee movement, time taken, distance traveled, and other details. So, you will have detailed records of the on-site employee’s work and performance. All these details will come in handy during the appraisal period. Improve your business and at the same time encourage your employees to work more efficiently by using this employee tracking app.


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