Employee Tracking Systems Can Help Improve Business Outcomes

GPS (Global Position System) devices have become widely popular owing to their use in mobile phones. The primary purpose of using a GPS is to identify the exact location of the object. GPS was used by the US army to locate its own troops and that of their enemy. Another system used for the same function is GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System). This is similar to GPS with its own differences too and was discovered by Russian scientists. Both of these positioning systems are currently in use and easily available. Over the years, they are being used for a variety of purposes including locating lost objects and tracking vehicle speed and route.

Quite recently, these devices are being used as an employee location tracker. This has resulted due to the rise in demand to track employees in the field. Most companies have a marketing team who primarily work in the field and are hardly found to be present inside the office. The initial mode of monitoring them was through their daily activity reports only. But this is not enough to monitor an employee for his performance. Upon achievement of his/her target, the employee might provide false reports. This is where tracking systems such as GPS and GLONASS come into play. Such devices help companies track the whereabouts of their marketing team members. Employee tracking app helps managers ensure that employees were at the right location as mentioned in their reports. In such situations, the employee is forced to carry out his job effectively.

Another industry where it is of prime importance is the product delivery industry. With e-commerce growing rapidly, a lot of consumers prefer to purchase their products online. Delivering the product without any damage and on time is a huge challenge for this industry. With an employee tracking system in India, companies can make sure their products reach customers on time. The system can be connected to applications in servers to provide them with real-time data. It can be configured to send an alert notification when an employee is deviating from his intended route. And in case of delay due to heavy traffic or natural disturbances, tracking information can be used to notify end users regarding it. Such systems can also be used to monitor taxi and truck drivers. The data from the system provides a real-time speed and location status to its owner. This will help in preventing drivers from indulging in over speeding.


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