Ensure your Child’s Safety with a Passive GPS Tracker for Kids

You’ve probably heard a lot about GPS location trackers and how they can help ensure your child’s safety. Are you wondering what a passive tracker is? Before we go into the details in depth, let’s just check out these details about the basic types of trackers – active and passive trackers. The active tracker or real-time GPS will work continuously and send updates to the dashboard or the home computer. This real-time GPS will allow you to continuously track the subject’s movement anytime anywhere. A passive tracker, on the other hand, doesn’t work this way. It keeps track of all the relevant details but doesn’t continuously send them to the parent computer. All the data is stored in the tracker and can be retrieved anytime we need it.

When it comes to child safety, do you feel that you should have a real-time tracker rather than a passive one? No, there are other points also that you should keep in mind while choosing a GPS tracker for kids. An active tracker will be switched on continuously, which means that the battery will be quickly drained. Remember that your child will be carrying the tracker in his/her bag, and they will not be able to recharge it if the battery drains. Having a GPS location tracker with a dead battery is equivalent to not having a tracker itself. And if the device gives up just when your child is being harmed or is in a dangerous situation, again the GPS tracker becomes of no use. So, it is a good option to go for a passive device that can stay “alive” for a longer period of time.

It is of no use if you unintentionally harm your child while trying to protect him/her. If the device is always on, it means that your child is constantly exposed to radio waves. With so many electronic devices being used around children, they are already exposed to too many electronic waves, and as a concerned parent, you wouldn’t want to add to that number.

Moreover, in the evening you can take the Data collection app and check the activity. So, you will be able to find out your child’s movements throughout the day, and you can ask the right questions to the child. By doing so, you can easily identify if your child has been bullied or if any untoward incident happened in the day.

When you take all these points into consideration, it makes more sense to get a passive GPS tracker for kids and help ensure their safety.

Well, what exactly are the benefits of using employee tracking app systems? It’s not just about cost savings…

Let’s look at some of the key benefits below.

Reduced Liability – When your employees are out on deliveries, they’re exposed to all kinds of risks. These can include accidents and risky situations with customers. The more accurate the information, the more detailed your reports can be. This will allow you to get a better view of what happened and subsequently reduce your liability.

Improved Customer Service – You’ll have clearer visibility of when an employee was at a certain location which means you can provide a better service to customers who need deliveries at specific times. Improved Customer Satisfaction.

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