Keep Track of Your Medical Reps with Field Employee Tracking Software

The growth and development of the pharma industry greatly depends on the thousands of medical reps who do door-to-door marketing of the drugs produced by the company. It is difficult to market products in the pharma industry, especially specialised drugs using the normal advertising modes like media and newspaper. The representatives have to individually reach out to as many doctors and clinics as possible in order to market their medicines. This is possible only with the help of the medical representatives. These agents are out in the field all day long and hardly ever report back to the office because of the travels. While the sales team will be very happy about this, the operations and management will find it very difficult to track the employee’s movements and determine their productivity and performance. The answer to this challenge is to use field employee tracking software. In India, the GPS tracker device is slowly gaining popularity in many fields. It has also been found to be very useful and effective in the pharmaceutical field too.

This GPS-enabled tracking device allows the manager or administrator to keep track of the employee’s movements during the work hours. The tracking device is very small, almost the size of a match box, so the field agent can easily carry the device in his backpack or pocket. The tracking device will be in sync with the platform that will keep a continuous track of the person’s movement. With this tracking software, the administrator will be able to accurately check the field agent’s location at any point of time.

A medical representative will probably spending most of his time waiting in the hospital reception for the doctor to be free or travelling between clinics and hospitals. It becomes very difficult for the employee to justify the time spent on the job, both during and after normal work hours. As the field employee tracking software keeps track and maintains records of the employee movement, the medical rep will have valid data to justify his performance. The entire data capturing system is automated and based on the information received from the tracker device, so there can be no chance of manual errors or misinterpretations. The employee can use this information when he is providing details regarding his attendance and amount of work done. With so many benefits, both for the management and the employee, it is no wonder that the use of GPS tracker device in India is slowly increasing.