Still Using Mobile to Track Your Employees! – Switch to Employee Tracking Software

The most challenging job for a business working with field staff is to keep track of employees working in field. Tracking field employees is a challenge as the technology used for employee tracking doesn’t support the task. Unaware of the latest employee tracking app, businesses continue tracking their field staff on mobiles. This software is developed for tracking field staff and for this reason it is the ideal application for monitoring field employees. The software makes an online platform on which it shows geographical location of the staff monitored. The managers can see where the field employees are located on the platform and also they can instantly connect to the field staff tracking app. The software establishes quick connection hence it removes use of mobile. See where your employees are and also get information on the tasks completed and the jobs the employees are working on with the help of mobile location tracking software. It is called mobile tracking as the application runs on mobiles. The employees will use the software on their mobiles. Managers can see location of employees and clients on the online platform. They can match employees with clients for quick service. Using employee tracking app software for making online timesheet saves time in the long run and also it ensures that timesheet is maintained in an error free manner. Employees only mention their job details on the software and software records time of status update. Similarly, the field staff can use the software to attendance marking. They won’t need hurrying to office in the rush hour for marking attendance after getting software. When a job is complete, employees can prepare quick online invoices on app and present it for consideration of clients. Software can prepare quick invoice in an error free manner and it can even add overdue payments to the invoice. Clients can sign the invoices on the software and in this way close their jobs. Advantage of the software is that it brings speed and transparency to the process. It is the best tool for monitoring field staff. Cost of using mobile location tracking application is INR 89 per user but it is basic service. The application will keep you connected to your field staff and also you will get complete details of the jobs completed and payments received. Also you can calculate time taken for completing a job from the online timesheet of employees. In this way, you can see whether the field staff is performing as expected or the staff needs improvement.

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