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With competition in the market increasing by the hour, you need to up your game. That means giving your customers better service than the others. And what makes the customer happier than getting that service in their own house? Home delivery is a common service today. Though it is easy for the customer, it is a big headache for the seller. From packing and dispatching to making sure it reaches the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition, everything has to be taken care of. This requires impeccable communication and coordination with the field agents and you can’t always rely on calling and messaging. This makes GPS operatedField force manager a grave necessity.

You can do so much with Field Staff Tracking. It tells you where your agent is if he is actually moving or taking a “leisure break”, the traffic conditions he has to face, and much more. For the agent, it helps with scheduling deliveries, calculating the fastest route to the destination with real-time traffic updates, and keeps a constant network between the agent and the office. With real-time communication and Field Staff Task Management you can know the progress of your agent, tell him about a change of plans like a cancellation on a scheduled delivery, or assign a task a new one on the go, keeping his efficiency and productivity intact. And talk about customer satisfaction.

Tracking and Management solutions with incredible features including employee tracking app tracking your field staff and assigning real-time tasks. You can get updates on how long an agent stopped at a spot, simply using your smartphone and coordinate with them in real-time without having to be on call.

A lot of businesses have found that GPS tracking devices are great for the management of their field staff. You may even have come across some of these systems if you’ve looked into TMS or vehicle tracking software. These are actually two separate things, but they do work together very well.


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