Using GPS for more than just navigation

Ever since the introduction of GPS, it has found utility in various walks of life. From navigation assistance to tracking kids and elderly, the technology surely offers a lot of convenience. It has even been used for entertainment purposes in games like Pokémon Go. But is there more to GPS than just navigation? Yes, there is. Believe it or not, real-time location has become an integral part of many businesses as well.

The best example is the field staff tracking tools which help you manage your remote team efficiently. Any business that has an on field team can use these applications to check the real-time location of its employees. This helps in making sure that your sales executives really are at the meeting they told you they would be, and not sitting at home during work hours.

Not only sales team, these solutions help increase the productivity and performance of various other field employees like the delivery staff of your courier company or restaurant, pickup team of your laundry business, on-door technicians and maintenance staff, and more. Any manager who deals in remote team management knows how difficult it is to monitor the progress of the executives and ensure that productivity is maintained, if not increased.

Another smart feature that many of these field staff management solutions offer is the ability to receive updates and assign tasks in real time. You can ask your pickup staff to include another stop close to their location, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. Even if you think your business does not need a field staff tracking and task management tool, consider experiencing the benefits by using a free trial. Connect My World is offering a one month free trial for its tracking application and you can register for it by visiting


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