Top 3 Applications of GPS Tracking Device

After it made its foray into the Indian market, GPS tracking has found use in many industries and applications. The tracker’s compact size and versatile use has made it a must-have in many fields. This GPS-based tracking device has plenty of features and functionalities, and can be customized according to one’s requirements and preferences. Let’s take a look at the various applications of the GPS tracking device.

GPS tracking device has been popular for many years, and it’s used especially in a business setting, for car theft, and in many other places that people need to keep an eye on. But GPS tracking devices can also be used for personal purposes. For example, some families use a GPS tracking device to keep tabs on their teenagers or young children, when they go out at night.
There are a variety of GPS location monitoring apps on the market, and Connectmyworld also has options for an employee tracking app

1.Employee Location Tracking

One of the prime needs in marketing and sales companies is to keep track of their mobile workforce. This is even more important if the company’s profits are solely dependent on the performance of the sales and marketing team. The employee location tracking app has proved to be very beneficial for such companies. This tracking application can be downloaded onto a smartphone. Each field agent can carry a smartphone when he goes to visit a client or potential customers. The tracking app records the employee’s movement, accurate location, time spent in a particular place, and other options. Based on the report generated by the employee location tracking app, the manager will be able to evaluate the field agent’s performance and productivity.

2.Vehicle Tracking

GPS trackers have been found to be very useful in vehicle tracking. So, they are increasingly being used in fleet tracking system in India. The tracking device can be installed in the vehicle and connected to the online platform. The tracker keeps an accurate account of the distance travelled by the vehicle. It will also monitor the direction of movement, speed, and fuel usage. The online platform allows you to monitor even up to a 100 vehicles at the same time. Using the tracker, a geo fence can be created. This will alert the manager or admin when the vehicle goes out of a particular area. In India, fleet tracking system is used in private vehicles, public transport, cab service providers, and shipment agencies.

 3.Personal Safety

Personal GPS tracker can be used to ensure an individual’s safety. This GPS device is especially useful in tracking the movements of kids and elderly. You don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of your dependents when the GPS tracking device allows you to instantly check the location of your dependents.

Apart from these major three applications, GPS tracking devices are also used for various research and market study purposes. This high-end technology has offered safety solutions for various applications.


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