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GPS or Global Positioning System has brought about a huge change in various fields, from educational to transport. In the early days, this satellite-based system was used by the US defense to spy on other nations and their armies. But, when it was realized that this innovative technology could be put to great use in civil life, it was brought out of the elite circle and given to the common man to use. Now, you can find that GPS-based devices are being used in almost every field. Plus, they have helped greatly improve the performance and productivity.GPS systems have a wide range of applications, from navigation to asset tracking. ConnectMyWorld is a GPS-based employee tracking app that helps companies keep track of their employees’ whereabouts. The app can be used to monitor employee safety, productivity, and compliance with company policies. It can also be used to investigate incidents and accidents. In addition, ConnectMyWorld can be used to track company vehicles, supplies, and equipment. This can help companies save money by reducing losses due to theft or misplacement. Ultimately, the app provides a valuable tool for companies that want to improve their operations and protect their assets.connectmyworld also a data collection app and employee gps tracker

  Employee Tracking app: Field force manager app is designed to work based on GPS is now increasingly being used across companies that employ field agents. This software program can be easily installed on an Android Smartphone and can be given to employees. The GPS tracker in the device allows the employer to keep a track of the movement of their salespersons or technicians on call. The details of all the employees working out of the office can be viewed on the dashboard. So, when there is a sales requirement or technical assistance required in a particular locality, the admin can find out the closest person to the locality and send him there. Plus, this field service tracking software will allow the employee to update the work status directly without having to come to the office at the end of each day. It also serves as a report record of the employee’s activities and performance. This GPS tracking software, therefore, helps in improving the productivity of the employee, which in turn helps improve the company’s performance.  

Transportation GPS Fleet Management is another civil application in which GPS-based devices are being used. This GPS-based system allows owners to keep a tab of each and every vehicle in their fleet. It also works on a simple model, which makes it easy for anyone to use. A GPS tracker is set up in each vehicle of the fleet. This tracker records the distance, direction, speed, and other features. The tracker can be designed to give live reports or store details and retrieve them when necessary. This Data collection app allows owners to track the performance of the vehicle drivers. Plus, the drivers will feel that they are being watched, and so will not drive rashly or over speed. This Gps tracking system will also help protect the vehicle from theft, and if stolen, allows the owner to quickly identify the location of the vehicle. Hands up if you’re an employer and you’ve ever thought about tracking your employees with GPS. This may be a surprise to some of you, but there is such as thing as an employee monitoring system. This is either used for fleet management or sometimes even as a form of protection. Over the past few months, we’ve seen an increase in interest and questions about GPS and GPS tracking systems from business owners. A lot of the time they’re looking at getting a system set up so that their employees’ vehicles can be tracked for HGV, Lorry or FX Fleet Management. This is becoming especially popular for companies with a lot of staff out on deliveries or field engineers. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this kind of tracking is the bread and butter of many Fleet Tracking Companies.

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