Parents stay cool….your kids are safe now!!

Far yet so near! This is what the latest in technology has to offer. The all new innovation GPS tracker for kids is here, putting an end all, the day long worries of parents whose kids are all by themselves. In today’s fast moving world, we have parents where both are working, and kids are on their own. Else kids today want to move out on their own, and not in the company of parents. In both the above cases, what comes in for parents is “worry”. We parents can never be at ease if kids are out in this big, bad, ever confusing world. “Where are they?”, “have they reached?”, “how long before they would reach home”, “have they taken the right road back”, are some of the mind boggling questions that haunt the us parents. But, in all, the benefit of doubt rests with parents. We are born to worry! This is where GPS tracker steps in to put an end to all our worries. The tracker works with an amazing ease. Wherein our kids are often embarrassed in the midst of their group of pals by our concern calls reaching out to them, asking them their whereabouts, the tracker provides a solution to this concern too. Just by giving a missed call to the tracker, we can get updates about the current location of our kids. To know more about the location, calling up the tracker would enable us to listen to the surroundings. In case of an emergency, a “Help Me” button is the savior. On pressing the same, an SMS alert is sent on a pre-configured number. Kids would welcome the tracker most lovingly. Its amazingly small size – that of a matchbox; and the light weight, makes it an ideal pocket size for use. So if safety of our kids is what is being offered, the tracker is an amazingly wonderful deal, for what it offers!
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