Does Your Nonprofit Partner have Efficient Tracking and Management Tools in Place?

How is your nonprofit partner managing its ever increasing volunteers and programs? You get the best employees eager to get involved in your daily operations with a strong passion to make your corporate mission a grand success. You have a very good cause to support, but your nonprofit partner needs to deliver data on its end too. When you give your company’s resources and manpower to help a nonprofit, especially on a continuing basis, of course you would be curious to know how your efforts are making a difference. You would want to gain access to the impact data to get a clear picture as to how your employees are engaged in the cause.

Tracking employee productivity has always been a problem for small business owners. Tracking time is difficult enough on its own, but getting accurate information on hours worked and time spent working is often impossible. connectmyworld best employee tracking app helps you to track your employees

Tracking data can be tough for nonprofits that don’t use effective management tools. A recent report published by Software Advice (a Texas-based firm that provides detailed reviews, comparisons and research to help companies find products that would best fit their current and future needs) has shown only 7% of surveyed nonprofits use efficient employee location tracking software. The majority (63%) manage data via general software such as Microsoft Excel or Outlook, whilst the rest 26% use an event registration, email marketing, or donor management solution. A good tracking solution is essential for managing relationships and holding volunteers. However, in reality a majority of nonprofits relies on manual methods or spreadsheets to prepare volunteer data. A proven field tracking software will help you streamline your everyday processes and save time ensuring higher work productivity. The software will keep all volunteers’ details, multiple locations, assets, equipment items, etc. in one integrated location. You would be able to dispatch jobs to your employees with one click and receive automatic status updates from the workers at any time. Besides, jobs could now be scheduled much easily getting work done faster than spending more time managing data.   For Enquires: ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91 8105815801 Email: