Don’t let your cab service provider take you for a ride

Are you running a small or medium business and the company is located out of the city? You will probably providing cab services for your employees. Most of the larger companies have their own fleet of vehicles for pickup and drop of employees. The smaller companies will not be able to invest on a transport system, and so they will take up the services of a cab provider. There are many logistics providers who offer customized pick up and drop services for companies. There are many reasons for which companies provide transport services for their employees. The first reason is convenience and the second is assured attendance.  Though there are many advantages in hiring cabs on a monthly or yearly basis, you can benefit financially only if you are assured of proper services. That’s why most of the companies in India use car tracking system to monitor the cab’s movement.

There are plenty of services providers in India offering car tracking device. This GPS-tracking device can be set up in the vehicle. The signals from the tracking device are tracked by the Global Positioning Satellites, which triangulate the position of the vehicle. The accurate location of the vehicle is then displayed on an online platform. The tracking device allows you to monitor one or hundreds of vehicles at the same time. When you sign up with the cab service provider, you would have agreed on the route, travel distance, pickup points, and other pertinent details. If you are worried that the cab service provider is not following the terms and conditions, this tracking device will allow you to check the fact.

Over speeding and rash driving are the two major problems with cab drivers. Sometimes your company employees will complain about these facts. But you will not be able to take any firm action as there is no hard evidence. However with the GPS tracking device, it becomes possible. The tracker not only monitors the direction and distance of travel, but also the speed of the vehicle. You can use the reports as evidence when you talk to the cab service provider.

In India, use the car tracking device to monitor the fuel usage. If the contract states that the payment will depend on the fuel usage, then this device will be useful for you. The tracking device will monitor the distance traveled, which enables you to calculate the fuel used. Based on the reports, you can check the fuel used. So, make efficient use of the GPS tracking device and prevent the cab service provider from taking you for a ride.

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