Where can you use GPS Location Tracking?

Global Positioning System (GPS) has now come out from under the covers to emerge as one of the most popular technologies that has found use in many fields. These days you can find the GPS in everyone’s hand as a Smartphone. Once it was used only for spying purposes in the defence, but now it is being widely used in safety devices. Do you know there are numerous fields in which GPS location tracker is being used? Some of them are so far flung that you may wonder how someone could even have thought of a concept like that! Before we take a look at the unusual uses of GPS tracking technology, let’s do a fast run through of the popular uses of GPS tracking:

  • To find out the direction to a new location in your city or the direction to a new place
  • To track the accurate location of a vehicle
  • GPS trackers for kids help create a safety net for your child
  • For employee location tracking

The other unusual places where you can find use of GPS location tracking are:

  • GPS trackers are being used to keep turtle eggs secure and prevent thieves from stealing them
  • GPS receivers are also being used in geological studies and other earth-based scientific studies. They help track earth tremors, volcanic activities and earthquakes.
  • Hikers and wilderness adventurers now depend on the modern-day compass, the GPS location tracking device to identify their location in the outdoors and find way to their destination or back to safety
  • GPS trackers are used by rescue persons to identify the location of the emergency or accident and quickly rush to the spot
  • GPS is also used to study and track the climatic changes
  • This technology has found use in aviation where GPS is being used for the navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles (AEV)
  • It is used to track the dispatch vehicles carrying cargo from one location to another
  • GPS location tracking has been found to be very useful in preparing accurate maps. This technology is used to track the position of bridges, large buildings and other huge infrastructure
  • GPS is also being used in financial services to schedule international money transfers, trades and settlements.

Now if you ask, where you can find GPS location tracking device, the answer will probably be – in every corner of the world.


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