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GPS Vehicle Tracking With Auto Photo Snaps in Regular Interval Even on 2G Network:

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Product Description

Time is changing and it is the time to think beyond conventional GPS vehicle tracker.

Apart from conventional GPS vehicle tracking features if these below additional requirements are challenging you.

  • Do you want quality or consistency in GPS tracking results?

  • Looking for along with GPS tracking, with auto photo snaps in regular interval on 2G/3G/4G data network without having any additional hardware?

  • You don’t own vehicles and still want to track your consignment?

  • Do you want to have vendor independent multipurpose hardware for tracking at cheaper price?

If you are looking out for best GPS tracking service and auto photo snap with very economical single hardware solution, call us on +91 8105815801 or write to us to know more about this.


  •     Get continuous alerts whenever your vehicle enters or leaves from a certain area or zone you specify.
  •     You can continuously monitor and record all movements of your vehicle using the platform offered by Connect My World.
  •     Receive alerts whenever your vehicle crosses the speed limits.
  •     Find report for distance travelled by vehicle in specified time window.
  •     Our portable gps vehicle tracking system is easy to install and use.
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