Live Field Staff Tracking

Are you able to manage the workforce efficiently and cut costs to increase profit? If you are struggling to manage the workforce, then we have a solution for you. It is field force manager software that will increase your performance and work efficiency. Who can make use of this software? Marketing staff, KFC delivery staff, courier delivery staff, Mc Donald delivery staff, and more can have seamless communication with their managers when they are out in the field, delivering products or services to create a great impact on customer satisfaction. Order tracking becomes a breeze. All the order data can be synced online to the server and seen by the manager or supervisor in seconds. No manual and repetitive work to be done.

Following up an order can be done easily with the field staff tracking software. In the case of an emergency, the manager can see nearby staff’s location and allocate the delivery task to specific staff. The manager can track the delivery staff’s location and total deliveries made by him during the day. The delivery staff can upload the pictures and comments as a part of live reporting. The supervisor can easily manage the attendance of his employees so that their salary can be easily calculated.

Live Field Staff Tracking
Benefits of Field Tracking Software to the Management• Track the current location of your staff members
• Increases the productivity of staff
• Reduces overtime and unwanted expenses
• Online staff management system
• Online staff live reporting
• Increases profit
• Generates more business
• Delivers products or services on time

You can keep an eye on your off-site employee using this amazing employee tracking app . It is easy to implement GPS employee tracking to ease the client billing process thereby increasing productivity. It ensures maximum safety for those working at a construction site or far away locations.



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