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The biggest challenge in managing field staff or on-field employees is tracking their location to ensure efficiency and performance. Not only is it difficult to monitor the progress of your staff on call, assigning work remotely is a hassle as well because you don’t know where exactly they are. To overcome this limitation of remote management, Connect My World brings to you real time field staff tracking services along with field staff task allocation facility.

Free Trial Field Staff Tracking

If you are currently using field staff tracking application, then you know how useful it can be for remotely supervising and managing the activities done by your team on the field. What sets apart Connect My World from the rest is the user-friendly interface, ease of operation and loads of amazing features.

In case you have never used any such tracking and virtual supervision and task management tool in the past, well you’ve been missing out on a great way to increase the performance and efficiency of your team. To introduce the new and easy to use remote tracking and task management system, Connect My World is offering a free trial of its Field Staff Tracking feature.

Field staff management is essential to any successful company. But, with staff often scattered across various branches, it can be difficult for managers to keep track of the locations of their field staff. Connect My World is an employee tracking app and field staff management system that provides managers with the ability to search for the location and status of each field staff member. In addition, the managers have the ability to view a detailed log of their activities, including GPS location, hours logged, and jobs completed.

To avail this free trial, you simply need to visit ConnectMyWorld and register using your email id. Once the registration is complete, simply download the “Field Task Manager” application from Play Store and activate your account using the credentials generated during registration. You need to download the app and activate it on all devices you want to track, maximum 3 devices during the free trial. Another application “FTM Supervisor” allows supervisors to track the field staff and allocate work to them on a real time basis.

With this simple 4 step process, you can get a first-hand experience of the Field Staff Tracking and Task Management solutions from Connect My World. After witnessing the ease and efficiency of the tool, you would definitely want to use this in your business. So hurry and get your free trial today!


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