Interference vs. Managing a Remote Team

Working with a team that operates on the field can be a tricky situation as you cannot constantly keep in touch or monitor the progress of your team. Some field staff managers call their employees every few hours to enquire about the status of tasks assigned. While this might ensure that the field staff does the work, this creates a lot of interference in their work and wastes your time as a manager.

Instead, remote team managers are these days switching over to staff tracking tools. These GPS enabled applications to help you keep a track of the progress and current location of your employees simply by using your smartphone. One such field force manager service is offered by Connect My World. The company has introduced a multi-feature suite that allows you to effectively manage your on-field staff without interfering in their work.

When it comes to managing remote teams, you have two choices: interference and managing. The former involves interrupting other people and getting them to do things your way. The latter, however, is more about learning to get along with others to get the work done.
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Here are some features of the Field Staff Tracking and Task Management tool by Connect My World:

Location Tracking – To ensure productivity

As the name suggests, this application enables you to track your field staff in real-time. This means that you are secured against excuses like stuck in traffic and almost there. Your staff knows that you can track their location, and thus they make sure to increase their efficiency.

Real-time updates help bring out the best in employees

Not only can you track their location, you can receive real-time updates related to delivery, task completion and more as well. You can even assign tasks instantly and based on the current location of any specific employee. This helps you evaluate their performance and appraise hard working staff.

You can get one month free trial of Connect My World’s Field Staff Tracking and Task Management tool by visiting the company’s website.


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