Top Benefits of Field Tracking Software

Is it hard to manage your delivery staff when they are out in the field? Don’t know whether an order has been delivered or not? All your mind-boggling questions are answered with field task management software. All you need is an Android device with GPS to make the software work. Are you ready to use it? Just get it from Connect My World!

Field tracking software is becoming increasingly important to many businesses. For many, field tracking software provides insight into areas of their business that may have been overlooked. With employee tracking app companies can keep track of their employee’s time, activities, and results.

What are the benefits of using this field management software?

• Easy to download and works with most Android devices with GPS
• No legal complications
• Very easy to work with
• Works offline
• You can assign and manage employee work in real-time
• You can manage hundreds of employees in a single account
• Gives controlled access to various application users
• Staff members can take pictures and send them to you as proof of delivery
• It has a centrally managed attendance system
• Robust reporting
• Easily integrates with existing ERP/CRM systems

So, you can manage all your work with ease in the organization more efficiently more than ever before. For successful implementation of this software and to get the best out of it, it is very important for the managers or supervisors to monitor the employee activities and do the work assignments or allocation on day to day basis. You can easily send messages to employees from your Smartphone. This field force manager app creates a transparent system whereby the managers and employees can have seamless communication all day without any hassle. KFC delivery staff, marketing staff, courier delivery staff, Mc Donald delivery staff can make use of it to create an impact on customer satisfaction while generating more businesses.


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