Advantage of GPS Tracking Software in Field Staff Monitoring

Businesses that work with field staff waste most of their productive time tracking and communicating with their field employees. It is so because the companies use age-old mobile technology for employee tracking and communication. But little do these businesses know that they can save more than 40% of their productive time with the help of an employee tracking app with Integrated Field Staff Management & Customer Care System. Let’s understand the system in detail It is called a mobile tracking application as it uses GPS instead of mobiles and its advantage is that never loses track of employees. If an employee goes out of the GPS area, the software switches to cell tower triangulation to track that employee. It makes a platform on which managers can easily communicate with their field staff. See how the software improves productivity. 1. Live tracking: The field staff is never out of reach of managerial staff as managers can see the location and position of employees on software. Similarly, the field staff can see the location of clients on software. Managers can forward details of clients and jobs to the fieldstaff and the latter can see the details with client location on a map on the software. 2. Task assignment: Managerial staff can match field staff with clients so that the employees can reach out to the clients in a hassle-free manner and in shortest possible time. It is a great help for employees and clients as it saves time. Employees get more time to provide service and clients get quick service. 3. Invoice making: The employee tracking app can also make invoices and it can add overdue payments to the present bills. You only need to enter our charges for different services and the taxes to be added. The software will calculate the total charge of a service and also add overdue payments if any to the bill. 4. Timesheet management: Employees can easily make and maintain their timesheets on the software. When an employee starts working on a new project, he can enter his starting time in the software and similarly enter the closing time of the job. The software will note the timings and in this way prepare the timesheet in real-time. 5. Attendance marking: Employees can use GPS tracking app for marking attendance. They can show their availability for jobs on software and in this way mark their attendance. It will prevent them from the hassle of rushing to office only for marking attendance. It is a must have software for every business that works with field staff and every company whether small or medium can take advantage of the employee GPS tracking software. The software is easy to use as it needs no hardware or software support at client’s end. Also the users don’t have to be very experts in technology to run the software.
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