A reliable android app for field employee tracking

The biggest challenge before a service company that works with a large number of field employees is to keep track of employees and stay connected with the workers. But now the businesses can take advantage of an Integrated Employee tracking app & Customer Care System that can take the hassle out of field staff management. How can this system help in field staff management? The system builds a platform on which employees can be tracked in a hassle free manner. It is an android app and it uses GPS for live tracking of employees. Gps tracker app The platform brings employees and managers close for communication and also it removes all the hurdles like ambiguity in the language. The platform shows the location of employees on a map so that the managers have no difficulty in determining the position of their staff members. Similarly, the employees see the location of clients on a map. But this platform can do more than simply connecting managers with employees. Biggest advantage for employees The android app makes an online timesheet management system that helps employees maintain their timesheets in a hassle free manner. Let’s understand how employees can maintain their timesheets on the android app with examples. “An employee A starts a job. He updated his status on the android app. The managers can see that employee A has started a job. The android app records the time of starting the job. Similarly, the employee enters the closing time of the job on the platform. The android app again records closing time of the job and saves the entries. The entries are made and saved in real time hence there can’t be any manipulation by employees or managers. Also the timesheets are available for real time viewing.” Another advantage of the android app is its ability to keep records of customers. It can record payments and make invoices in an error free manner. The android app can add overdue payments to the present invoice and in this way can help in maintaining account books. It is a big help for employees that often face problems in making invoices as they can’t remember overdue payments. How is the android app used? It is very simple to use as it doesn’t need additional android apps or hardware at the user’s end. The android app is downloaded in the computer system and used in a hassle free manner. You don’t have to be a technical person or need any training on an android app to use it. The employee tracking app and employee tracking app are very useful to companies. They help them track employee’s location, working hours, and attendance. Moreover, it allows them to track and motivate their employees. All in all, employee tracking apps and Data collection app make a company’s work environment more organized and productive.

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