Top 3 Best Free Employee Tracking App of 2022

Employee tracking is the practice of observing employees while they are working in order to make sure that their behavior conforms to expectations. This is done through direct observation or through the use of technology that tracks work patterns, output, and other factors related to job performance. Employee tracking app can be seen as a subset of workplace monitoring. It typically refers to tracking an employee’s movements using GPS tracking equipment. Using time stamps provided by software, managers could see if employees arrive at the office on time throughout the week and verify breaks taken during shifts. It has been made possible with mobile apps controlling human resources and mobile applications for timekeeping and attendance. Some employers have begun to monitor their employees by tracking their smartphones or computers. Employee tracking can be a legitimate way of ensuring that people are doing their jobs and following the rules, but it is often controversial both from a perspective of personal privacy rights and from an employee relations perspective. If not managed carefully, the practice may cause problems for companies. For example, managers who spy on their workers could create feelings of distrust, pressure or backlash that harm productivity. In addition to raising ethical issues, improperly used employee monitoring may violate laws in some cases. Workers’ advocacy groups concerned with workplace surveillance say that it might intimidate union supporters and job candidates involved in organizing campaigns, discriminate against protected categories of workers (e.g., women or minorities), or uncover legally privileged or confidential information.

Connectmyworld: Employee Tracking App

A new application out on the market, ConnectMyWorld acts as a GPS tracker and has many powerful features that can be beneficial to your business. The app provides real-time location tracking of your employees, which makes it easy for managers to check up on their locations during work hours. There is also advanced route mapping available through another great tool known as “Mileage Tracker”. This allows users to keep track of who has driven where every day throughout the year, perfect for tax purposes. Other features include time tracking; this lets you ensure strict adherence to office hours (and any other contracted working hours). Perhaps more importantly, ConnectMyWorld sets clear boundaries around smartphone use while driving or travelling in company vehicles with its “Bluetooth Notification” feature. This notifications lets managers know when workers have taken their hands off the wheel and alerts you to any speeding incidents.

Connectmyworld Features

– Ability to set custom safety zones around different locations (work, home etc.) – Geo tracking of multiple users with notifications on arrival/departure. – GPS history recorded (Last known location, Travel history for the day etc.) – Share live location of your employees if they are in trouble. – Send out alerts to selected team members when you want them at a particular place – Notifications when people leave or enter defined safety zones. – Manage long distance deliveries better by sharing driving routes with customers via the app. – Auto mileage logs based on GPS records so they are all logged automatically once enabled. – Access data from anywhere anytime through our web portal.

Twib : Employee Tracking App

Employees might not always have the best judgment, especially when it comes to using company property for personal use or abusing paid time off. This can lead to a significant loss in productivity and a spike in expenses due to disciplinary action resulting from absenteeism. Twib has been designed as an easy-to-use solution for workplace monitoring, making it ideal for eliminating these issues within your business. The application is completely web-based which means that managers can access all of the data through an internet browser whether they’re sat at home or on the other side of the world; this is ideal for remote employees. Twib is also extremely user-friendly, making it perfect even for those who are less computer savvy. The web-based system can be accessed via any device that has access to the internet, which provides managers with the opportunity to monitor their employees whenever and wherever they want. There’s no need to manually enter data; Twib does this automatically so managers can see all information in one easy location. This lets you keep track of how much time employees spend completing tasks or working on projects throughout the day so you can bill clients accordingly or approve vacation requests easily through an online portal. Last but not least, Twib also allows managers to customise alerts, letting them know when workers violate specific rules such as exceeding speed limits, arriving late or leaving early.

Twib Features

– Track time in real time – Customisable alerts when milestones are reached. – See how much time is being spent on different projects. – Restrict login times to deter abuse of the system. – Take screenshots of employees’ desktops when they are using their computers inappropriately. – Track GPS location so you know where employees are at all times. – Use on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. – Simple to install; setup in less than 10 minutes without any IT support needed – Export data to CSV for easy access on your computer. – Monitor multiple users simultaneously using one account.

TimeCamp: Employee Tracking App

TimeCamp is an employee tracking app that automatically tracks time spent on tasks and projects, allowing you to get accurate information on the amount of work that has been done at any given moment. Therefore, if employees complete a task way ahead of schedule or if they take a while to finish what they’re doing, managers can see this in real-time and make informed decisions about workloads. Using TimeCamp allows teams to focus more on making things happen and less time recording and recalling how much time was spent doing something; all of the data is recorded by the system itself, which also reduces paperwork and other errors. For example, it’s far easier for workers to forget start/finish times when filling out their own logs manually whereas TimeCamp does this automatically, giving managers a more reliable set of data with which to work from and reducing the likelihood of mistakes. This software also lets you see how much time employees spend on different tasks or projects throughout the day. You can break down the total amount of hours spent by individual workers on specific clients and customers so you can charge them accordingly.

Timecamp Features:

– Collect time from all your devices. – Manage projects and tasks from one place. – Track time on different clients, customers or workgroups at once. – Schedule automated timesheets for your team members. – Set hourly rates for employees and see how much you’ll make in a month/year. – Track time spent on different projects and tasks. – Get custom reports at the end of each month/year. – See who’s been most productive throughout the day. – Integrate with Slack, GitHub and a range of other services you use already.

Among these which is the best app for employee tracking?

It really depends on what you need from this type of software. If employees are working remotely, for example, GPS tracking will be useful so you’ll want to go with Twib, since it’s the only dedicated app for this purpose. On the other hand, if you need time and activity monitoring, Connectmyworld is far better than Time camp since the latter only lets you monitor projects and tasks whereas Connectmyworld includes pretty much every feature in the book, including GPS tracking for added security.

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