What is an Employee GPS Tracking App?

Employee GPS Tracking App is a useful tool for employers and businesses, mainly to monitor their employees’ device and location. The app can be installed into the employer’s device (tracker) or employee’s device (trackee), or both devices, creating double control for better monitoring. It will then track the location of the tracker device based on its GPS locations. Employee GPS Tracking App can be used for several purposes, like: monitor the productivity of your employees; make sure that they arrive on time at work (and don’t use their sick leave to go to the seaside); keep track of them all day long; know where your children are; or monitor your spouse’s behavior during working hours.

Are you looking for an Employee Tracker app?

It should be tested and effective. Our Employee GPS Tracking App features will help you assess the quality of this software solution before any purchase. Also, you can check out our list of more than 20 free tracking apps , most of which offer location tracking features online or via SMS.

Employee GPS Tracking App: Features

1. Geo-fencing alerts, when the device enters or leaves a predefined area. This function is especially useful when you are in charge of children, elderly people or employees with special needs. You can define particular zones on the map, like school grounds, department stores, amusement parks etc. If your trackee leaves these areas without your permission, you will get an alert in real time. When it comes to kids or disabled people entering dangerous zones (like railway tracks), this feature could save their lives. To track somebody by cell phone has never been easier! 2. Employers can use the time control feature to keep track of how many hours their employees spend working and on breaks. This feature is particularly important for those on salary or under contract. There are some HR laws in some countries which require employers to treat their employees fairly and equally, so the time control feature can help you with this too. 3. At first glance it might seem that the Employee GPS Tracking App is another one of those Employee tracking apps parents use to keep an eye on their children’s movements, but actually it can be very useful for businesses as well . If your business offers delivery services, then it will be extremely helpful if you have a mobile app monitoring all of your drivers real-time locations simultaneously. 4. Email/SMS alerts sent out once per hour when somebody exceeds either speed limit or remains stationary, or enters a predefined area. 5. IP address location can be used for tracking purposes as well , but only if the person you are tracking carries his/her phone and has mobile Internet turned on. This feature is provided by Google Geolocation API and works only in India, UK and some other European countries. Connectmyworld has the best employee gps tracking app for android. Download from google play store.This is an Android app that you can download for free on any Android device. In case your employees have smartphones or tablets, this type of Employee GPS Tracking App will be useful for tracking their real-time locations with 1 second interval update throughout the whole day. If they don’t use gadgets for work, you can install our tracker through SMS and track their location by sending them a text message.