What truck owners should know about fleet tracking system?

GPS tracking systems are slowly yet steadily becoming popular in India, thanks to their efficiency and easy operation. This tracker is not just used for field staff tracking but also for field tracking system in India. From personal to public vehicles, GPS tracker is used to keep track of the vehicle’s location, movement and fuel usage. Truck owners can greatly benefit by setting up a GPS tracking system in their vehicles. Truck owners usually have two or more vehicles that travel to different parts of the country. The trucks may have to travel thousands of kilometers at a stretch to deliver the cargo to the right destination. One of the challenges faced by truck owners is keeping track of the vehicle’s movement and fuel usage. As the vehicle is on road for months together at a time, there is no means for the owner to find out what’s happening with the vehicle. Sometimes, the vehicle driver may not be in a position to call and give daily updates. The only reliable solution in this situation is to use a reliable GPS tracking system. The tracker can be installed in the vehicle’s dashboard. The signals from the tracking device are beamed to the Global Positioning Satellites, which then transmit the signals to the receiver. The location of the vehicle can be easily viewed on the online platform integrated with the receiver. So, even if the truck driver doesn’t call the owner and give reports of the location, the owner will be able to identify the exact location. In India, fleet tracking system is also used to monitor fuel usage. You know the mileage of your vehicle. The tracking device will give you precise details of the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle. By doing a simple math, you will be able to ascertain the amount of fuel required to travel the particular distance. When the vehicle driver presents you the bill for fuel, you can cross check the amount with your calculations to find out if they tally. When the truck driver knows that you will be able to check his movement, he will not use the vehicle for personal purposes or try to cheat on fuel use. Truck owners should consider using the GPS tracking system as it can help ensure the safety of the drivers and cleaners. In case of any accident or unforeseen incident, the owner can check the exact location of the vehicle and send help at the earliest.
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