Why Should You Use Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Trucks?

In India, trucks are used by many manufacturers to transport their produce to different parts of the country. From fruits and vegetables to machinery and cement, various essentials are transported via roads to their destination. It is a common sight to see vehicles from north travel to the towns down south or vice versa. Manufacturers and truck owners used to find it very difficult to track the movement of the vehicle. They would have no idea of the vehicle location until the driver calls or the shipment has reached the destination, and they receive the acknowledgement. The situation is changing in India. Vehicle GPS tracking system is being used by most of the freight providers.

A GPS tracker can be installed in the vehicle. Signals from the tracking device will be transmitted to the satellites, which will triangulate the truck’s location and transmit the details to the online platform. Manufacturers and logistics providers can log on to the online platform to check the progress of the vehicle’s movement. So, even if the truck driver doesn’t call, they will be able to accurately identify the vehicle’s location.

This vehicle GPS tracking system in India also comes with plenty of customisable features. You can create a geo fence using the tracking system. If the truck travels outside the set perimeter, then the GPS tracker will alert you about the fact. Plus, you will be able to set speed limits using the tracking application. Anytime the vehicle travels over the speed limit, you will be instantly alerted.

The GPS vehicle tracker will also help you ensure the safety of your vehicle, cargo and driver. In case the vehicle is lost, then you can use the signals from the tracking device to trace its location. If there has been any accident or any other unforeseen situation, then the signals from the tracker will be helpful in tracing the vehicle’s location. The tracking device will also allow logistics companies to alert the destination office about the expected time and date of delivery. All these features will enhance efficiency and safety of the service provided.

Apart from trucks, the GPS tracker system can also be used in personal vehicles, cars and public transports. In India, GPS tracker for car has become very popular. From locating the car in a crowded parking lot to tracing stolen vehicles, the car GPS tracker has found many uses. Many of the cab service providers in India are using GPS tracker for car to track and maintain their large fleet of vehicles.


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