The Pros and Cons of Using Employee Location Tracking

What is field staff tracking?

Employee location tracking is GPS-based tracking software that will allow you to keep track of your on-site employee’s location. The application can be downloaded onto a smartphone so that it can easily be carried around anywhere. This tracking application can be customized to meet the requirements of each company. Details regarding work allotment, work completion, and more can be integrated into the location tracking application. This GPS-based tracking device will give real-time updates on the employee’s movement. It will be greatly useful for marketing agencies and sales teams where most of the employees work out of the office. This tracking device can also be used in service centers where the technicians make house visits to repair appliances. As with all technological developments, there are both pros and cons in its applications. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the GPS-based field force manager application?

Employee location tracking can be a powerful tool for managers. It allows you to know exactly where your employees are at work at any given time, and this can give you the insight needed to potentially increase worker productivity.
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  • It is a convenient time and productivity management tool for employers
  • Managers will be able to efficiently track the movement of the field agents
  • As field agents will be able to log in their attendance using the tracking software, they don’t have to travel to the head office every day
  • The work completion status can be directly updated on the software, which means that employees don’t have to travel back to office every day to submit their reports
  • Work allotment can be directly updated on the tool, enhancing efficiency
  • Manager will be able to track the work status of each and every member of the on-site team
  • The GPS tracker helps ensure the safety of the employee, especially if he is working in a dangerous area
  • Companies that provide technical assistance or appliance repair will be able to immediately assign a technician for the assignment
  • The manager will have a clear idea of the location of each and every employee on his team


  • It will reduce the privacy of the employees
  • The field agent will feel as if the manager is looking over his shoulder all the time
  • The line between personal and office time will be reduced
  • It can also increase stress in the employees
  • Regularly using the field tracking software can reduce proper interaction between the manager and the team

By increasing the pros and reducing the cons, we can get the best out of this employee tracking software.