All that you need to know about GPS Tracker for Car

In this fast-paced lifestyle, there are two things that are of paramount importance – safety and punctuality. Both these are made possible by a GPS tracker for car. In India, recently there has been an increase in the number of people who are using this tracking device. This GPS-based tracker is being used in various industries, with the logistics industry on top of the list.

Nowadays, one can never be too safe. Whether you need to keep track of the kids, your car, your pet, or even your elderly parents, GPS trackers can help. It’s not only good to help keep an eye on your loved ones, but also a great way to protect your vehicle and your belongings.
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Before we take a look at the various applications of this car GPS tracker in India, let’s try to understand its basic functioning. A GPS tracking device with have a sender and a receiver. The first part transits signals that are received and tracked by the Global Positioning Satellites. These satellites triangulate the accurate location of the tracking device and relay the information to the receiver. The GPS receiver is connected to some kind of a display unit or an online platform where the user will be able to see the location of the vehicle.

One of the biggest advantages of using a GPS tracker for car in India is that multiple vehicles, even 100 and more, can be tracked simultaneously on one online platform. You will need various tracking devices and install them in all the vehicles in your fleet. All the tracking devices can be connected to one platform. So, the administrator will be able to simultaneously check the accurate location of any vehicle at any point of time. Plus, this tracking device can also be used to monitor the speed and fuel consumption of the car.

So, how is this car GPS tracker, India useful in ensuring safety and punctuality? That’s why we need to take a look at the functionality of this tracking device. With the tracking device, you will be able to check the movement of the vehicle. So, if the car has to reach a particular destination at a set time, based on the speed and location, you will be able to determine if the vehicle will reach the spot on time. This feature is very useful for commercial cabs, school vehicles, and delivery trucks. If you find that the car has been parked at one spot for too long, you can immediately contact the driver and find out the reason. If it is some problem, you can arrange for rescue and make alternate arrangements for travel.

A geo fence can also be created using the GPS car tracker, India. You can set limits beyond which if the car travels, you will get instantly alerts. This feature will be helpful for parents who are concerned about their teen’s safety while driving a car.


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