Keep Track of Your On-the-go Employees

A boon to every employer! Hiding from your boss when you had an extended lunch by just saying you were on a business meeting is not that easy with this new product. Many employers are now keeping track of their employees’ activities with the help of GPS employee location tracking software.

This concept came into existence when the Global Positioning System was set up and was integrated with internet. Google took great advantage of the GPS system by using it for Google Maps. A lot of apps have come up based on employee tracking app . It helps employers to track their staff for every other second. To make this happen, all a boss needs to do is to install this app on their employees’ Smartphones. It is a specially designed for people who have work outside their office most of the time. This app can be used in all types of firms, from telecommunication industries to the local pizza store. Some employees may find it difficult to adapt to this application, as they might feel that the boss is watching their every movement. But, this app is just developed to increase office efficiency and not keep unwanted tabs on employees.

Some field tracking software programs are designed for use in industries such as property management, load tracking, field sales, delivery and dispatch. It makes work force management effortless and efficient. Say bye bye to lost or illegible time cards and payroll spreadsheets using the employee location tracking system. It not only streamlines operational processes, but also reduces payroll process time. With this software, your payroll process can be reduced to just about 20 minutes.

The advantages of using this tracking software are:

  • Accountability and visibility of field employees
  • Electronic timesheet and GPS time clocking
  • Enterprise messaging text
  • Insights and analytics of workforce
  • The concept of BYOD
  • Easy and instant load tracking
  • Logistics and last mile delivery
  • Payroll made easy and effortless
  • Better and advanced customer service
  • Insights of your business to the core
  • Actual and accurate time tracking
  • Cutting edge technology

Field tracking software allows employers to easily keep track of all their employees work timings and productivity. Also, this software program creates a record of all the employee movement, which will come helpful while tracking their performance and processing their bonuses.


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For Enquires:

ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Tel: +91 8105815801


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