Configuration Guide For Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS tracker product is especially designed for school going kids.

It is economical to maintain and simple to use. Best part of it long battery life , approximately 1 week.

Steps for using the personal GPS tracker:

  1. After placing the order and before tracker is received, apply for the SIM card if you already don’t have one. Due to cost reasons Prepaid SIM is preferred and get this activated. Find out details on this with the user manual shipped with the product under SIM Card Management section. To know the procedure for SIM activation and recommendation on best plan to buy check for SIM Card management Guide.
  2. Once shipment is received take the battery out and put for charging till the green light glow on the battery charger.
  3. Insert activated SIM card into the tracker.
  4. Insert fully charged battery into the tracker.
  5. Once the signal is acquired tracker flashes every 3 seconds.
  6. Go to open sky and make a call to the tracker and it will send the current location detail to the caller. Inside the building most of the time no or very poor GPS signal observed.

Example of SMS received from tracker after giving call to the tracker:

1. Response with no GPS location as shown below, because GPS signal strength is not good. In this case the lat and lon values will be either absent or non numeric values. In this situation tracker is providing the AGPS (assisted GPS) location. With the help of below message approximate location of tracker  still can be obtained. Check for view tracker location for AGPS address.
Lac:2d65 3a86
2. In case of good GPS signal location received through SMS will be similar to as below:
lat:12.977558 lon:77.739288
 T:14/05/13 10:03

Now tracker is ready to be configured.

Note: This product comes with 2 batteries, fully charged battery needs to be put into the tracker and another battery should put into the battery charger. So that it is ready when battery in tracker gets exhausted. And this way battery cycle can be maintained.

Before configuring the tracker, please understand Personal tracker provides two features -> listen to your loved one and find his/her location.

  1. When you call, you can listen what your loved ones is up to -> this is called monitor mode.
  2. When you give a missed call, you will get the location sms -> this is called tracker mode.

Maximum 2 and minimum 1 mobile number can be configured as administrator. Tracker will answer calls only from the administrator/s configured.

 Below is the description of various commands with which you can configure your Personal Tracker.

1. Configure the administrator:

Open Me

To configure admin mobile number Send SMS to the tracker as below :

This number needs to be fed with country code + mobile number. For example India’s code is +91 :

admin123456 <admin mobile number with country code>

For example send SMS to the tracker:  admin123456 +919980xxxxxx and wait for confirmation from tracker as  “admin ok”.

To unregister already configured admin send the below SMS command to the tracker:

noadmin123456 <previous admin mobile number with country code>

and wait for confirmation from tracker as  “noadmin ok”

and then send SMS for the new number.

admin123456 <new admin mobile number>

Note:  User can configure up to 2 mobile numbers as admin number.After this configuration enabled due to security reasons tracker will reply only the call given from these admin numbers. Call made from any other number will be ignored by the tracker.  

2. Switch to monitor mode:

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If you want to hear conversation from the tracker switch tracker into Monitor Mode , Send SMS to tracker as below:


and wait for response “monitor ok”.

After that give call to the tracker and hear voice to know what your loved one is up to.

3. Switch to tracker mode:

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If you want get tracker location by giving missed call to tracker switch into Tracker Mode by sending the below command: Send SMS to tracker as below:


and wait for response “tracker ok”.

After that give missed call to tracker and receive location detail through SMS.

Note: Once the mode is switched, tracker will remain in the same mode unless the mode is changed by sending SMS.

4.Get tracker status:

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Any time SMS can be sent to the tracker as below check123456 and tracker should send you the SMS about its battery status and GPS signal availability. Once battery status reaches to 25% consider change of battery within next 1 day.

5. Manage SOS(Help Me!):

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  • When your loved one is in need, he/she can press SOS button on tracker for 3 Seconds and Help Me! SMS with location will be sent to admin mobiles.
  • Tracker will keep sending SMS in every 3 minutes until acknowledged by any one of the receiver admin mobiles.
  • Send SMS back to tracker as help me! from any one of the receiver mobile and tracker will acknowledge as help me! ok.
  • Then only tracker will stop sending help me! SMS.

6.Users not residing in India require to correct the time zone settings as below:

Open Me

Note: For India the time zone setting is already configured with the tracker and there is no action required. Send SMS to the tracker as below:

time zone123456 <your time zone>

For example send SMS to the tracker : time zone123456 +5.50 and you should receive SMS from tracker as time ok. It means that time zone setting accepted by the tracker.

In the images below there are few positions suggested as how the Personal Tracker can be hold by the individuals.

  • To take the full advantage, it can wear by the kids under the shirt as suggested below.
  • Or it can be put inside the front pocket of school bag.
  • For adults the best position to put it along with belt as shown in the picture below.

It is highly recommended to go through carefully for Caution And Troubleshoot Guide for Personal Tracker before start using the tracker.

Attention: For security reasons avoid sharing Personal GPS Tracker SIM number with others so that any kind of misuse of the tracker can be avoided.

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