View tracker location for AGPS address

Sometimes tracker is having difficulty to obtain GPS signal as GPS signal is not able to pass through concrete or metal very successfully. In this type of situations when tracker is called to get the location, because of no or very poor GPS signal tracker provides the nearest cell tower location of network provider in the form of LAC (Location Access Code).

Below are the steps to be followed to view location on Google map for Location Access Code(LAC) received from the tracker.

How to view the location on Google Map for Location Access Code:

If you get the location SMS from tracker like this below one:

Last: lat:12.989777 lon:77.714528 T:18:23 //,77.714528,&z=16  Now:  Lac:2d65 3a86  T:15/06/08 23:08 bat:5%

Here, the lat: and lon: are empty or having some old value as Last is appearing on the top of the message. It means that while sending the location SMS, tracker could not obtain GPS signal and as a fall back it has decided to send the nearest cell tower location in the form of LAC.

For example in the above example the LAC is: 2d65 3a86.

Here the LAC value is : 2d65 and CellID is : 3a86 as there is space between the values of LAC and CellID.

Below URL can be helpful to get the tower location correctly with very high success rate:

Open the below URL in the browser of mobile, laptop or tablet

In this page key in for Location-based service(LBS): values for LAC and CellID as explained above and press Submit.

It will show up the nearest to the tracker cell tower location.

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