What Benefits Your Business Can Expect from implementing an employee tracking App?

Monitoring and tracking employees are not new however, they are becoming more common. Research shows that more than 78% of companies use different methods and tools to supervise their staff. There is a strong connection between surveillance at work and business performance. Stanford University has carried out research with 16.000 employees and found that their performance improved by 16 percent. These figures speak volumes about what is required of tools that keep track of employee activity and to ensure efficient workflow. Are you looking a best employee tracking app which is cost effective and efficient? ConnectMyWorld is your one stop solution for field staff management software , employee tracking app and customized data collection app. Our GPS driven suite can be operated on any handheld Android device

employee tracking app

Tracking App Features

Some of the most popular features of monitoring employees include:

It is possible to automatically sync timesheets using an online interface, in real time.

Employers can engage in a variety of initiatives aimed at improving the transparency engagement, security, and transparency of the business.
Monitor and improve the overall efficiency and performance of employees. Learn the way employees spend their time, and keep on their day-to-day activities. Activity level tracking, downtime detection and much more.

It can be difficult to track your employees when you attempt to track by hand. With the help of a monitoring application remotely, your team will be able to track their hours and give proof of work at same time.

Many companies require the track of their employees’ working time. Monitoring software can make this simple. Let’s look into other significant benefits your company can reap from monitoring software: Automated hourly control The result is that there is no need to manually track anymore. simplify reports: Gone were the times of manual reporting.

Tracking software makes it simple to use Uncover Positive Employees’ capabilities Monitoring employees and tracking can help you learn more about the employees. You might have complete details about their past however, the experience alone isn’t enough. Continuous monitoring keeps you up-to-date on their personality and their skills. Are they trustworthy? What is their performance on tasks? Do they appreciate communicating? There are important steps to discover. Every employee is different. Examining their behavior in various scenarios and projects can give you an overall notion of who you can trust. The positive qualities you will find include dependability, problem-solving capabilities as well as teamwork, deadline-oriented and detail-oriented abilities, commitment and many more. All of these are essential to ensure the success of your business. Find Troublesome Areas:A meaningful tool for monitoring can provide important insights and provide more confidence in your business. We live in a constantly changing business environment and where efficiency is the top priority. Technological innovations and upgrades create diverse challenges to each sector Monitoring of employees informs you of the latest developments and changes. It also aids in making better choices to improve your performance. Check your business’s performance, and you’ll see things are different from what you have seen in the previous years. What could you do to make improvements you would like to see? Be aware and adaptable for fast-paced change and expansion. Monitoring allows you to tackle issues in a timely manner and offer most effective solutions. Detection of hackers:The cyber security threats are increasing. Integrating multiple solutions to identify hacking is vital because a large percentage of companies are very concerned regarding cyber security threats. Monitoring employees is beneficial in a variety of business areas. They are also effective methods to spot hacker activity, too. Monitoring employees lets you monitor the behavior of users and monitor the actions and ensure that employees aren’t using suspicious links or conduct activities that could expose sensitive or private data at risk. Of course, there’s no guarantee to identify a hacker attack, but it can increase the likelihood of being hacked

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