The solution for the Timesheet Vs Field Agent Argument

Companies with field agents will be very familiar with this long-time argument about the time sheet. Employees working out of office naturally feel that they have more freedom when it comes to clocking their in-time and out-time. They feel that because they are constantly on the move, there will not be an easy way to maintain a track of their attendance and productivity. This would create a lot of problems from the HR or admin team that is constantly trying to maintain the attendance and work hours of these employees working out of office. Plus, it becomes difficult to calculate leaves and permissions. The constant battle between the time sheet and the field agent can now come to an end, thanks to the employee GPS tracker.

The timesheet vs field agent argument is one of the most contentious issues within sales organizations, particularly when it comes to technology. Tools like employee tracking app allow employees to hold meetings and collaborate online, no matter where they are.

Most companies in India are using GPS tracker devices to monitor the productivity and performance of their on-site employees. This tracking application can be downloaded on to an android mobile phone. Usually companies provide a phone for their field agents for communication. In such cases, they can install this employee tracking application in the smartphone. This application will track the employee’s movement. Plus, it can be customized according to the specific requirements of each company.

When the field agent reports for work, he can sign into the field force manager. From the time, the employee signs in till the work is done, the tracking device will monitor the movement. So, whether the field agent is under performing or working over time, the tracker will faithfully maintain all the records. The manger can also directly allot tasks for the day through the tracking app. So, there is no waste of time as the employee doesn’t have to wait for the manager to come to office and allot duties. Moreover, as and when the field agent finishes the task he can enter the completed status in the tracker. So, the manager will be able to get an immediate update about the work status.

Apart from allowing employees maintain a clear record of the data collection form, this GPS tracker device in India is also used to track the employee’s performance. The location of all the field agents will be displayed on the online platform that will allow the manager to get a quick view of where each and every agent is available. So, they can easily allot tasks based on the agent’s proximity to the client’s location.

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