How to Configure Connect My World Field Service Tracking Software in a Smartphone

Connect My World is a well-know provider of GPS-based tracking software that can be used in companies, homes and vehicles. Every product is designed keeping in mind the end user and offers easy and convenient operation. Their field force manager app is specially designed for corporate companies that have many field agents working out of office.

This field tracking software allows the manager or admin to keep a track of the movement of the field agents when they go on their on-site jobs. This software application gives the exact location of the employee, and the time taken for him to reach a particular destination. Moreover, this mobile application can be customized to meet the specific requirements and preferences of a company. Connect My World offers a reliable online platform using which the employees will be able to track the performance and productivity of their on-site employees.

The best part of this customizable field service tracking software from Connect My World is that it can be used as a mobile application. The mobile interface is very user friendly and can be used by even a non-technical person with ease. All you have to do is setup an account in Connect My World platform. After you’ve created an account with this GPS location service provider, you’re all set to go. Make sure you have a Smartphone with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and higher versions of operation system. Plus, this Smartphone should be GPS enabled.

Once you’ve got everything ready, just go to Google Play and download the free application. You will be able to find Connect My World field tracking software under the Location Services option. Simply download the mobile software application and install it in the Smartphone. You and your employee now have unlimited access to the platform. The employee need not be in the office in order to install this application on the office provided Smartphone. Just share the login details with your employee and ask him to download the application. Once he starts using, you can simply change the authentication details by employee tracking app . Simple, yet efficient!

This mobile app runs based on GPS, which means there will be considerable battery drain than before. In order to prevent excess battery usage, the application is designed to be functional only when the person is on the move. When the person is in the building or office, it makes use of the Wi-Fi for connectivity.

It is very easy to configure your Smartphone and install Connect My World field service tracking software.


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