Are you planning to give your car to one of those cab hire companies?

Do you have a car and just use it only during the weekends or once a month when you are planning to go out with your family? In such cases, it will make good business sense to hire your car out to one of those cab companies. In the recent times, these cabs hiring companies have become more popular as they are convenient and comfortable. The growth of this industry has encouraged many people to link their vehicles with the cab hire company. Some people drive the vehicle themselves during their free hours while others use a trusted driver when they give the vehicle for hire. However to be on the safe side you can use a GPS car tracking system to ensure that your vehicle is safe and not misused. There are many service providers offering GPS tracking for cars in India. Connect My World is a leading GPS tracking service provider in India. Backed by years of research and experience, the vehicle tracker from this company offers the best value for your money. The tracking system consists of a transmitter, receiver, and an online platform. You can install the GPS tracker in your vehicle’s dashboard. The signals from the tracking device are transmitted to the Global Positioning Satellites that triangulate the signal to identify the exact location of the vehicle. Then the accurate location details are transmitted to the receiver and displayed on the online platform. You can also view the location details and direction of movement on a registered smartphone. Managing your employees is key, and tracking their hours and progress is essential. Tracking employees using a mobile device has become increasingly popular, but with so many apps out there how can you choose the best one for your business? connectmyworld is a best employee tracking app for tracking your employees If you wondering about the cost, Connect My World’s GPS car tracking system is very affordable. Plus, its maintenance charges are also nominal. So, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle without breaking your wallet. Apart from the affordability, there are also numerous other benefits in using the tracking system. Using the GPS tracking for cars in India, you can create a geo fence. This is a virtual fence that can be set up using the settings of the tracking system. If the vehicle crosses the city limit or any other preset radius area, you will immediately get an alert. It will tell you that the vehicle is traveling beyond the set boundaries. So, if your driver is misusing the vehicle for personal purposes, you will immediately know it. The tracking device will also give you accurate reports of the distance traveled and fuel used. You can use this information to calculate the amount earned and spent.   For Enquires: ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91 8105815801 Email: